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iPod gets local nuisance to pipe down

Every urban neighborhood has its characters and unique personalities that add to the flavor of the place. In Sunset Park, Brooklyn, where I live now, the accordion guy who plays Spanish folk tunes near the subway is a fixture, and he gives a friendly nod or a "Buenos Diaz" every morning. Back in the old 'hood -- Park Slope, PRB (people's republic of Brooklyn) -- one of the local folks has apparently been contributing a rather bitter taste.

The New York Times City Room blog tells the story of the Park Slope sidewalk ranter, a dedicated Mets fan who, from his seat in front of a deli, would harangue passing Yankees fans with racial epithets and slurs. Nothing seemed to quiet this guy down. Nothing, that is, until a distinctive pair of white earbuds appeared... and now there is peace and quiet.

Only in New York. At least, for the sake of everyplace else on earth, I hope that it's only in New York.

[via Fake Steve]

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