You've got a fantastic iPhone app, you've worked hard on it, it's ready to show the world and you want to submit it to TUAW for review. That's great! We're looking forward to hearing from you.

As you might imagine, we get a lot of requests for reviews. Unfortunately, though we would love to do detailed posts on every app out there, it's not possible. While there is no 'magic formula' to guarantee that TUAW will write about your app, following the guidelines listed below will insure that your submission gets fair consideration.

Submission Guidelines

1. Please include your full name and proper contact information. Specify your role with regard to the app: developer, fan/friend, user, publicist, etc. We do prefer to hear directly from developers and real-life users when possible.

2. What makes your app different or better than the rest? Sum up the category, functionality and top features quickly in your email. Please don't send in "Check out this cool app" with no indication of what it does or why it's special; that's a surefire trip to the bottom of the queue.

3.No file attachments, please. Provide a link to a press page with video, pictures and a great description. If there's no external page for the app, a link to the App Store is fine.

4. Please, DO NOT SEND UNSOLICITED PROMO CODES. If someone chooses to write about your app, they will be in touch directly. If you are unclear whether or not a particular person is representing TUAW, check the team list here.

5. Is your app awaiting release? Exclusives, previews or first looks -- we like seeing apps early, and this increases your chances of getting covered. If you are set up to provide ad-hoc builds we can give you UDIDs.

All clear? The send fill out the form and we'll take a look.

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