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Apple is running another yearly drive to give you an iPod touch. Well, if you're a student, anyway. Until September 8, 2009, qualifying students can buy a Mac and iPod (with the educational discount, even) and get a rebate online for up to $229 (the disclaimer on Apple's site adds "except where otherwise required by law).

Back to School posts circa 2008:

"T" is for teacher - Teachers need love too, so check out some cool apps designed to make the life of your favorite educator a little bit easier.

Stop, thief - If you dropped a lot of coin getting a shiny new MacBook and a bunch of cool apps, button everything up with these terrific security tips.

For future reference - Academic research can be kind of fun but does anyone really enjoy the drudgery of creating reference lists that must accompany every paper, project, or presentation? Malkinware's Reference Tracker 1.0 for Mac OS X is the perfect tool for creating these kinds of lists on the fly, and it's 35% off list price through September 30, 2008.

Write right - We already told you about great research tools for the desktop, but what do you do once you've got the info you need? Organize it, of course! 


Do you read me? - iLearn is a new ezine devoted entirely to using Mac technology in the classroom. If you can't find something useful in the first issue -- that sells for only a buck, by the way -- then you aren't really trying.  


 Flickr: HouseofSims Pinch your pennies
- This time of year, it's possible to get back-to-school discounts on more than just paste and college-ruled notebook paper. There are plenty of ways to get a lower price on academic software, if you know what you're doing. (Image: HouseofSims @Flickr)



Fantastic - If you're an educator and need a graphics, writing, and publishing tool for the classroom, check out Canvastic. So cool, it even works on the older PPC Macs still found in in schools all across America.


Search party - Ah, research papers. The bane of students everywhere. We can't do the work for you, but we can show you a bunch of desktop tools that will make it a lot more painless.


iPhone applications to help you make the grade


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