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Quicken Essentials for Mac available for pre-order

Quicken Essentials for Mac is finally available for pre-order. Too little, too late if you ask me. Its taken three years to get this next version of Quicken for Mac out the door. In that time, worthy alternatives have risen, like iBank and

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Operation Cuckoo to oppose Operation Chokehold

In what sounds like the title of the worst Bruce Willis movie ever, a group of pro-AT&T Facebook users are up in arms about Operation Chokehold. Let's start from the beginning. Earlier this week, AT&T's chief executive of Mobility, Ralph...

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"Apple has a two or three-year lead" in mobile internet domination

Philip Elmer-DeWitt has an excellent article over at Fortune's Apple 2.0 blog on Morgan Stanley's The Mobile Internet seminar. The article is full of juicy tidbits, but here is the main course: Based on past performance, according to Morgan...

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Rumor: Toshiba's 64GB NAND flash chip for iPhone

Last week, a brief tweet from Mobile Review's editor-in-chief, Eldar Murtazin sparked a rumor that Taiwan-based manufacturer Foxconn had received orders to build the next-generation iPhone. This week Toshiba has announced their 64GB NAND flash chip...

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Best iPhone games of the year picks start to roll in

Gamasutra wins the award for being the first (that I've seen) to pick awards for their best five iPhone games of the year, and the list is respectable, if a little short for such a huge set of possibility. Unfortunately, they don't win any TUAW...

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Let's talk AAPL and the future

It's been a roller coaster ride over the past two years for Apple (AAPL) stock. In December 2007 it hit a then-peak of $199.83 a share. Just two months later AAPL sunk to $125. Three months after that it had recovered to the $180s, but by...

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All about the new, improved App Store in iTunes 9.0.2

Our eagle-eyed blogger David Winograd sent out a breaking news post Friday night to let all of you know that there were changes afoot in the iTunes App Store. Sure enough, those changes appear to have migrated through most, if not all, apps by now....

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Strand Consult to iPhone users: You're delusional and a big, fat liar too

In a report that is sure to bring cheer to legions of Verizon Droid owners, Strand Consult is saying that all of us who have purchased iPhones are delusional liars. CNET's Chris Matyszczyk reported in his Technically Incorrect column that the...

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That was Qik! After Ustream's debut in App Store, Qik submits streaming app

We were all a bit surprised when Ustream's free Live Broadcasting iPhone app [iTunes Link] was approved by Apple and tossed into the App Store yesterday. After all, it wasn't that long ago that it seemed that no streaming video apps would ever be...

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Dragon Dictation comes to the iPhone. Wow.

Put this into the 'I didn't think they could ever get this to work on an iPhone' category. I'm talking about Dragon Dictation [iTunes link] from Nuance, the developers of the very popular Dragon Naturally Speaking for the PC. Nuance also provides...

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AT&T offers app so you can report crappy service. Huh?

In one of life's supreme ironies, AT&T today posted an iPhone app that allows you to report substandard service. That's right folks. Got a dropped call? No reception? AT&T Marks the Spot [iTunes link] is designed to get that info to your...

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Rumor: Comcast, NBC deal to hinder Apple

Last week, cable giant Comcast purchased a controlling interest in US television network NBC, resulting in a media behemoth to rival Disney. The results remain to be seen (Must See TV ... it's Comcastic!), but it's been suggested by AppleInsider that...

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China Unicom's dismal iPhone sales

Two weeks into official iPhone sales, China Unicom has sold only 5 units* through the online retailer according to PCWorld. China Unicom sells iPhones through its own site, but doesn't share sales figures. Still, PCWorld reports,...

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IDC's crystal ball says Apple tablet, 300,000 App Store apps in 2010

One fun thing about being a tech research firm is that sometimes you can state the obvious and everybody still gets excited. That's what will happen today when technology research company IDC releases their forecast for the next year, and in...

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Apple tablet to be surprisingly cheap?

During the latest episode of Diggnation, Digg's Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht interviewed John Hodgman, AKA the "PC" from Apple's "Get a Mac" ad campaign. Rose prodded Hodgman for information on Apple's supposedly forthcoming tablet Mac, but Hodgman...

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AT&T ranked last in cellphone service survey

There's bad news for AT&T in a recent customer satisfaction poll. Consumer Reports asked 50,000 readers across 26 U.S. cities to rank cell service providers on a variety of scales. Verizon came out ahead in 19 of the 26 cities. AT&T was dead...

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