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Logic Pro 8.0.2 is available

Attention Logic Studio users. Apple has released version 8.0.2 of Logic Pro. According to Apple, this update "...addresses specific customer and compatibility issues of Logic Pro 8.0. It includes Wavebuner 1.5.2 and Impulse Response Utility 1.0.2,...

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Apple re-affirms commitment to video apps

Last February, Apple's Senior Manager of PR Anuj Nayar announced that the company would not have a booth at April's National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show. Customers hoping to receive information on the already delayed Final Cut Server were...

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Final Cut Server released

After countless delays and the cancellation of Apple's booth at NAB 2008 (which starts next week), many of us assumed Final Cut Server would never materialize. However, today's store-closing Tuesday update changed all of that, and the product is out...

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Apple launches Xsan 2

In addition to dropping the price on the Shuffle (and introducing the 2 GB version), today's big Apple store update appears to be the launch of Xsan 2. Xsan is Apple's Storage Area Network (SAN) file system, and while this update isn't as sexy as a...

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Apple hints at forthcoming Aperture update

There's been much debate on the interwebs on what lies in store for users of Aperture (Apple's professional-level photo management software). I'm not suggesting that we mourn Aperture's passing, but it has been a little neglected of late, and as...

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Found Footage:, this is your life!

This is fun. A couple of years ago, we pointed out a nice archive of Apple's homepage. Today, the folks at Macenstein have collected similar images from Flickr user Kernel Panic into a video history. Some of the really old stuff isn't represented,...

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New Mac Pros and Xserve

Well, as Nik posted a bit earlier this morning, the Apple Store is indeed down worldwide. As commenters in that post noted, Apple has updated the Mac Pro line before major trade shows before, and as commenter John pointed out, Apple has just updated...

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Apple releases Final Cut Express 4

When it comes to Apple's Pro-App arena, there are just two applications that have not seen a sizable (i.e. paid-for) upgrade recently: Final Cut Express and Aperture. Today, that list becomes just one application however, as Final Cut Express 4 is...

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The Economist on Apple's journey as a lesson to other companies

The Economist has published an article that explores some of the lessons other companies can learn from Apple's journey through the industry, as well as it's unique practices towards product design and customer relations. Specifically, the article...

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Apple moving iron: #10 server brand

DigiTimes is reporting numbers from IDC which show that Apple posted impressive 73% on-quarter growth in server shipments in the first quarter of 2007, moving into 10th place among server brands. Apple shipped 8700 units overall, with the gains...

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Apple shareholders to vote on green

Apple shareholders will vote on removing hazardous chemicals from the Apple product line at the upcoming May 10th annual meeting according to Macworld. Apple's board thinks Apple already has sufficient environmental standards and opposes the...

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Video pros weigh in on Final Cut Studio 2

I'll admit that some of the new features in Final Cut Studio are a little bit over my head, as a non-pro-video guy. OK, pretty much all the new features are over my head, so I asked a couple of pro-video friends for their expert opinions on the NAB...

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Computerworld on why Macs are worthy for the enterprise

Even the most rabid fan of Apple has to concede that the company doesn't pitch very aggressively to the enterprise customer. The Xserve typically doesn't get any time in the spotlight - not even at WWDC - and Apple doesn't exactly build a super...

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Apple NAB lineup and Special Event

Macworld reports that Apple will hold a Special Event on Sunday the 15th of April during the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters trade show. There are no details as yet as to what will be announced, but one guesses the event will have to do...

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Lithium Remote Server Monitoring Eye Candy

I first heard about the Lithium network monitoring application a while back in an article on Macworld describing how beautiful it was, but I just found out today that Lithium offers a FREE Edition (for a limited time) that anybody can download and...

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Working with Metadata views in Aperture

Aperture is Apple's tool designed for professional photographers who take lots and lots of pictures. As such, handling metadata is an important part of any workflow involving Aperture. James Duncan Davidson has some tricks to help you get the...

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