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Bad Apple

devsugar: Farewell, UIGetScreenImage()

Last December, Apple relented on the use of the otherwise private UIGetScreenImage() API. This function allows iOS developers to capture a screenshot on a device, regardless of the contents of the screen. In contrast, the standard SDK-safe approach...

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Apple drops Consumer Reports/iPhone 4 threads down memory hole [updated]

Update 3pm Tuesday:Wired's Epicenter blog points to at least two threads referencing the CR story that have been left intact. Perhaps an overzealous forum manager has now reined in the urge? If you were looking for a message thread on Apple's...

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AdMob CEO comments on being thrown out of the App Store

Big surprise here, right? AdMob, freshly picked for purchase by Google (cue dramatic music) has been expelled from Valhalla, also known as the App Store, by a tiny change in the iOS developer agreement. Specifically, section 3.3.9 of the agreement,...

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Getting a human representative at 1-800-MY-APPLE

Have you called the Apple 800 number lately? At the other end of the line, an insanely chipper robot will try to "help you" connect to the most appropriate department. Mr. Roboto is fiendishly positive, with an upbeat approach to getting you the help...

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A unified mailbox coming to the iPhone -- what a concept!

If the supposed note from El Steve-o is to be believed, the iPhone is getting a unified mailbox at some future date. Don't you wonder what Apple was thinking when it wasn't in the original iPhone plan? In Mac OS X, I like seeing all of my email on...

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Apple's obsessive secrecy hurting relations with overseas suppliers

Apple's obsession with secrecy is legendary. For all the rumors and leaks that stoke media attention, very rarely do we have a clear picture of a new product until Steve Jobs comes out on stage and shows it to us. Even people who work for Apple often...

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Wil Shipley: Apple "copied me"

When Steve Jobs was introducing the iPad last week, a number of us familiar with Delicious Monster had the same reaction during the iBooks demo: "That looks like Delicious Library." Developer Wil Shipley noticed, too. In an interview with The...

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Enough already with the draconian NDAs, Apple

Yo, Apple. February's coming, and likely with it, the iPhone OS 4.0 SDK. And you know what? We're totally over this infuriating ducking NDA thing when it comes to the iPhone software development kit. NDAs refer to nondisclosure agreements. They...

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Beware Photo Booth time stamps: It's a bug, not a feature.

One of our readers informed us that he was seeing some strangeness with Photo Booth time stamps. Photo Booth is the built-in Mac app that lets you grab stills or video from your iSight or attached USB or Firewire camera. It does the job dutifully,...

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Apple is delaying shipments of 27 inch iMacs

Uh oh! It looks like there's shipping delays and availability issues with 27 inch iMacs. It's reported that these delays could be due to graphics issues with the GPU. Several Apple resellers are citing shipping delays when trying to order the models....

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Provision profile expiration time: does it leave you wondering?

Back when the iPhone Developer Program was first announced, developer provisions (the 'permission slips' that allow developers to distribute pre-release builds of apps in progress) lasted one year. It seemed natural to have a one year expiration, as...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: My "private" APIs... aren't

Sometimes Auntie TUAW gets emails from anxious iPhone developers. In this case, the correspondent is running into issues with Apple's new automated checks for private API use in iPhone apps. Dear Auntie TUAW, I got an email from Apple's App...

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MobileMe is MobileSlow today

Several of my colleagues here at TUAW and other people around the country are seeing some slowness and timeouts from MobileMe mail today. The web interface seems to be working faster than the Apple Mail app, but even the web is slow. No...

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Is the Magic Mouse a dog?

For some Magic Mouse users, the streamlined human interface device is not only a dog, but a dog that pees on the carpet, smells bad, and barks continuously. Apple support boards are beginning to fill up with complaints about tracking issues and...

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MobileMe mixup: Address book snafu exposes personal data to strangers?

These contacts, along with their notes, their phone numbers, dates of birth, and other information say a lot about the person whose address book this is, and also about the people who appear in that contact list, with all their personal and...

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MobileMe DOA?

Looks like it. You can't access the main MobileMe page. Apple says this on their MobileMe support page:" MobileMe members are intermittently unable to access MobileMe services. Mail is available via a desktop email application, or Mail on iPhone or...

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