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Need to run Classic under Snow Leopard? SheepShaver can do that.

I'm beginning to think that some other writers on the Mac beat are reading my mind. About two weeks ago, one of my consulting clients was asking if there was any way that she'd be able to upgrade to Snow Leopard and still be able to run two...

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The Mac-cessability Network: resources for Apple accessibility

Touting another blog or website isn't an everyday occurrence here at TUAW, but a recent press release got our notice. A site called The Mac-cessibility Network is the work of six dedicated individiduals, all of whom are visually impaired, who provide...

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Walt Mossberg on switching from Windows to Mac

"Some General Tips for Switch to Mac From Windows," is Walt Mossberg's new post in which he tells users, well, how to switch from Windows to a Mac with ease. He covers the menu bar, task bar, Start menu, control panel, keyboard shortcuts, quitting...

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SSHing via Apple Remote Desktop with AppleScript

Scott posted yesterday on a new series about SSH coming to Apple Matters. If you want to skip the learning and go straight to the Secure Shell-ing, then why not take a look at this recent post by John Welch. In this post, he describes how to set up a...

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Vista beats OS X? Really?

ComputerWorld's Preston Gralla posted a blog entry titled, Five reasons why Vista beats Mac OS X. Clearly, this was link-bait, but you know what, I'll bite. And although I vehemently disagree with the post's title and assertion, I want to make it...

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Blanc interviews Gruber

Shawn Blanc has wrapped up his series of great software reviews, and now dives into the scariest of waters: those of the major minds in Mac journalism. And he goes first after the biggest shark in the ocean (or at least the one with the sharpest...

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Stephen Fry on the iPhone and digital life

Some of my posts written here on TUAW are specifically meant for you fans to enjoy, and are about things I can't say I care that much about. Some posts here are great for everyone to enjoy, both you and me alike. And some posts, dear readers, are...

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iWPhone: WordPress plugin renders for iPhone

I run my personal site using WordPress, and one reason I like using it so much is that (although this is hardly exclusive to WordPress as a content manager) is all the great plugins available for it. On another site I ran under WordPress, I loved...

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Zune on Woot for $20 less, Woot offers rebate (and parody)

Gosh, I love Not only are they based in my original hometown (St. Louis, MO, also home of Fried Ravioli and the Bowling Hall of Fame), and not only do they have some great deals on their site (they sell just one item per day, usually at...

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MarsEdit 2.0.2 fixes bugs

Scott's favorite blogging software has gotten another update, hot on the heels of the big 2.0 release. MarsEdit 2.0.2 patches up the big release with a few "slightly urgent" fixes involving using external editors and Evaluation mode (including a bug...

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Vista SP1 to support EFI booting standard - what does this mean for Boot Camp?

Rounding up on 9 months of Vista being on the market, Microsoft is of course at work on Service Pack 1 which is slated for an early 2008 release. At the official Windows Vista blog, Brandon LeBlanc has offered extensive details on what the focus...

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See a movie, get Mira for free

Bruno Fernandes of Twisted Melon software has an offer for you: get educated about the problems facing our world today, and get free software for it. He recently saw The 11th Hour, a film produced and narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio about global issues...

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Maybe iMovie '08 isn't such a bad change after all

Many folks who were used to the array of features iMovie '06 offered were understandably upset when iMovie '08 uprooted just about everything they knew. After all, they had the figurative rug pulled out right from under them. Eric at no one sequel,...

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Mint and iPhone: Two great tastes that taste great together

Mint is an excellent web stats tracking app from Shaun Inman with a powerful, extensible plug-in architecture. The iPhone is an excellent... well you know the rest of that one. While these two things might not have much to do with each other at first...

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MoodSwing multi-status utility: Now in convenient menubar dosage

Attention all ye users of Adium, Skype, iChat, Twitter, Facebook and Jaiku - Brett Terpstra has struck again with MoodSwing, his excellent utility for updating your status across all these apps and services. Why do I call it a utility instead of...

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MoodSwing 4 multi-status Quicksilver script has come a long way, baby

If it seems like it was only last week that Brett Terpstra introduced his side project MoodSwing, a clever script that allows users to change their status message across multiple apps with Quicksilver - well, it was. People loved it, so Brett quickly...

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