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Cool tools

Found Footage: Sudoku Grab goes Augmented Reality

When it comes to the iPhone, Augmented Reality refers to applications that integrate live camera feeds with data generated either directly from those camera images or from related data linked to the user's real world location. Over the past year,...

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Homebrew, the perfect gift for command line lovers

If you're an OS X user who spends as much time on the command line as you do in the GUI, you're probably familiar with the MacPorts and Fink package management projects, making open source software easier to compile and run on Mac OS X. You may also...

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Creator codes make a comeback in Snow Leopard with LaunchCodes

In Mac OS X (and back into OS 9 history), a creator code is a hidden value attached to a document and bound to a preferred application, allowing the OS to know which application to use for opening that file. This is particularly helpful for filetypes...

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Drag and drop your windows into tidiness with Cinch

I'd never heard of Cinch, just mentioned over at Cult of Mac, but it's such a great idea I thought I'd check into it. Basically, Cinch does what all great Mac software does: it works in the background and lets you do what you want to do, skipping...

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DIY iSight night vision camera

Now that most all Apple computers come with their own built-in iSight, the standalone iSight has taken a bit of a back seat. It always was a gorgeous piece of Apple art, though, and I really wanted to use it in a functional way. An easy way was to...

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First Look: Interview with Tim Haines, creator of Favit for iPhone

If you read Twitter for laughs, you might be familiar with Favstar, a website which compiles the funniest Twitter posts each day, as determined by the number of 'stars' (which Twitter calls 'favorites'). The developer behind Favstar, Tim Haines,...

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The Pomodoro Technique, or how a tomato made me more productive

I've alluded to my search for personal organization a couple of times during 2009. While it's not something that I'm obsessing about, I now capture my major goals in Things, and that at least tells me what I'm supposed to be doing in terms of short...

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Is your iPhone your wingman for Black Friday?

Happy Turkey Hangover Day -- or, as it's otherwise known, shopping chaos day 2009. As Mike S. noted earlier, Business Week is calling this season "mobile shopping's first Christmas," and indeed there are plenty of shopper-assist apps in the App Store...

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Sneak Peek: ColorSchemer Studio 2, pick your palette

As part of my trade, I work a lot with colors. ColorSchemer Studio has long been a valuable tool in my toolkit for picking out color schemes based on solid color theory. It had its shortcomings, though, and some other tools had surpassed it, both on...

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TUAW Review: Checkout, top notch Point of Sale software for Mac

I had the opportunity to speak with the creators of Checkout: an excellent Point of Sale application for the Mac. I've been working with the app for several weeks now and have been thoroughly impressed by it, especially after the developers shared...

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MacUpdate Desktop version 5.0.2 released, win a membership from TUAW

MacUpdate announced today the release of version 5.0.2 of the MacUpdate Desktop utility, which allows users to manage application and widget software updates on their Mac OS X machines. The new version of the application adds some features and bug...

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Phil Libin on the past, present, and future of Evernote

It must be nice to be Evernote CEO Phil Libin right now. His company's product / service, Evernote, is about to break 2 million customers, they're past the days of initial development and beta testing, and the future is looking bright. I had a...

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1Password 3 Beta brings a sweet new interface and Snow Leopard support

Most of us have really crappy, insecure passwords. Sure, we tack a couple of numbers or punctuation characters at the end of our cat's name, but that's a far cry from secure -- especially since we also have the equally nasty habit of using the same...

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Friday Favorite: OmniDiskSweeper helps you track down where all your disk space went

"Where did all my disk space all go?" When I was in college, each student was allotted 4 megabytes ('mega' is not a typo) of disk space for both email and files. Granted, this was back in the early '90s, before anyone had heard of "www." or had...

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TapLynx media-based iPhone app builder from NewsGator released

The iPhone app platform TapLynx from NetNewsWire was released yesterday, after months of anticipation. TapLynx provides you with a way to build media-rich iPhone applications without having to write any code. It's basically NetNewsWire's way of...

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Using DHCP Reservations to overcome Bonjour woes

I love everything about my MacBook Pro, but for some reason it does not like to share its screen. It appears under the "Shared" section of the sidebar in Finder, and file sharing works perfectly, but for some reason screen sharing won't work. The...

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