Rig of the Day: Just an eMac

Simplicity is this week's theme for Rig of the Day, since my last pick was so very popular. Today's rig is eMac. by *nathan. An eMac on a pedestal, what more could one want? Nothing more, nothing less. It looks to me like this is an installation in ...

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Apple pulls Education iMac

A little more than a week since Apple began offering a rock-bottom priced iMac configuration targeted at educational customers, the company has stopped offering the machine to anyone other than institutional buyers. The $900 replacement for the eMac ...

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eMac LCD conversion hack

This is cool. At my repair job, when someone brings in a broken eMac which turns out to have a bad analog board, we don't think twice about telling then that all is lost. Replacing an analog board on all but the newest machines would cost more than ...

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The latest gossip: eMac wants a nip/tuck

AppleInsider, one of our primary sources for that contraband we like to call "Apple rumors", is claiming to have the word on a new education Mac to replace the now defunct eMac. Apparently the all-new eMac will be based around G5 processors and.... w...

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eMac disappears from Apple Store (again), goes edu only?

TUAW reader John Gaskell, whose rig we featured last week, noticed that, once again, the eMac has disappeared from both the online Apple Store as well as their edu store. Further, while I haven't seen the eMac product page in a while, I thought it us...

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Leo says Macs not inherently safer than Windows

Mac security is a subject near and dear to my heart, especially since lots of folks on the Mac web disagree with me (and let me know in the comments). I am firmly in the camp that Macs aren't perfect, and that eventually someone is going to take adva...

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eMac getting phased out?

Glancing at the Apple Store's main page, I noticed the eMac is missing from the party. I can find it if I search for it, but I don't see any eMac-related links in the store. Yes, Apple's eMac product page is still there, but it's nowhere to be found ...

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Most Macs missing from Amazon

Dealmac reports: As of now, July 25 at 6 pm ET, Amazon.com no longer sells any Apple Macintosh desktop or laptop computers other than the Mac mini. Some third-party vendors, like CompUSA and JR.com, are still listing Macs on Amazon.com, but none are ...

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Taco time: mod Jay's eMac

Sitting here surrounded by the guts of my eMac, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to put all these bits of metal and plastic back into the case in a different order, or replace some of them entirely. If it were a second generation machine, prio...

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Maintainability: lessons Apple could stand to relearn

If you've been wondering why I haven't had many bylines in the past couple of days (come on, you know you have), it's because my trusty eMac died and I've been struggling with repairs. And I do mean struggling. Replacing the clicking hard drive, wh...

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