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Flickr Find: A colossal Mac setup next to the Colosseum

You have to be just a tad bit jealous of Travis Isaacs and his Mac setup. Not only does he have a gorgeous Thunderbolt display mounted to his desk and connected to his MacBook Pro, he also has a lovely desk that is juxtaposed with art work...

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Dropcam powers up connected video with new Pro camera

Do you have pets or family members you enjoy checking in on remotely? Or a home that makes you nervous when you're not physically in it, worrying about your stuff? When you think about ways to soothe your anxiety and keep an eye on the things you...

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Gift-giving with a personal touch via BOND for iPhone

The rapid growth of the app-centric ecosystem means that it's possible to do almost anything with a few taps on your iPhone. Unfortunately, one of the things that's gotten harder is building and maintaining a personal connection with clients, friends...

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Spin looks to bring high-fidelity group video chatting to iPhone and iPad

For the past year, three relatively low-profile but intriguing iPhone and iPad apps from developer Net Power & Light have graced the App Store: Together Talks, Together Justice and Together Learn are all built on the company's core Spin...

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Email reimagined (again): Ping app to launch 9/18, renamed to Hop [updated]

Update: The app formerly known as Ping has been renamed thanks to some trademark disputes; it's now called Hop, and is available in the App Store. Access to the back-end service is by reservation for the time being. If a product is really hard to...

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Quickly sketch out class or meeting schedules with Weekly Schedule for iPad

With so many ways to share calendars and schedules, sometimes it's nice to go a little bit old-school with a blank sheet of paper, a Magic Marker and a little bit of time. Mobile Simplified's $0.99 Weekly Schedule app, just released to the US...

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Mailbox for iPhone targets the "broken to-do list" of email

Feeling oppressed by your inbox? Struggling under the weight of unread messages? You're not alone. With half a billion results for "manage my/your email" there's obviously a need for help. Now add in the new wrinkle: many of us are interacting...

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NeoFinder powerfully catalogs and indexes your photos, music and much more

NeoFinder is a fast and efficient cataloger (digital asset manager) for all your data. TUAW's not previously discussed NeoFinder, but with high recommendations and praise, it's recently come to our attention in the TUAW head office, so we though...

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Moxtra app for iPad gives you binders full of shareable content

In the ultra-cloud, post-PC era, we do not lack for ways to share our stuff. Got a presentation deck to show? You can go full-on web meeting with Webex, GoToMeeting, or Fuze Meeting; to create the content and share it smoothly,...

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Thumb draws opinions from the crowd, enhances iPhone app

The opinion-based social utility Thumb, approaching its second birthday, has overhauled its free iOS app and added direct like/dislike voting to its core ask-a-question feature. The new 3.5 version of the service delivers tighter social...

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Daily iPad App: National Geographic Today

National Geographic is known for its stunning photography and outstanding videos. Now you can get a portion of both each day with the National Geographic Today App. Released last week, the iPad app includes news, videos, quizzes, articles, and...

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Conference Companion app suite poised to transform event experiences

If you're attending a professional conference or symposium, you can expect to do a lot of walking around, meeting and greeting, professional networking and intensive learning. Unfortunately, you can also expect to be saddled with a lot of paper:...

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TekTrak phone locator offers two-use free version

Just because Apple released a Find My iPhone app and then made it free, doesn't mean there isn't room for a little friendly competition. TekTrak originally took on Apple's built-in iPhone location service by offering TekTrak Pro at a one-time...

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360 Panorama brings sharing, simplicity to iPhone pano photos

We first looked at 360 Panorama back in July when it debuted against other panoramic photo apps, including Boinx's You Gotta See This and Debacle Software's Pano. On sale now for just US$0.99 (regular price $2.99), Occipital's panorama application...

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First Look: Boinx PhotoBox app for iPad

The guys at Boinx Software have done it again, this time with a product for the iPad. PhotoBox, a free app, is the first iPad app for the company, which is primarily known for its Boinx TV and FotoMagico applications for Mac OS X and the You Gotta...

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TUAW First Look: AUDIOPRESS for iPhone

AUDIOPRESS is a new app and free audio digest service available on iPhone that is designed to create a custom "radio stations" for you to listen to on your device. You add AudioArticles, "MyUpdates," Podcasts, and Radio Stations to a playlist,...

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