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First Look: Time Travel eXplorer brings old London to life

When you're visiting a city, don't you sometimes wonder what it looked like in past centuries? That's the premise behind Time Travel eXplorer - London, a new iPhone travel guide app from Visick Solutions, Ltd. currently on the What's Hot page of the ...

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First Look: Ping Pong Battle adds video-out, Killerspin

A few weeks ago, when we first looked at the hybrid iPhone/iPad game Ping Pong Battle, it wasn't quite ready for prime time; one of the marquee features, video-out from the 'table' iPad, wasn't finalized. With an update to the apps due to hit the Ap...

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Dropbox + text editing = Droptext

Most of the bloggers here at TUAW are huge fans of Dropbox, the free cloud storage service. Since you can share documents with all of your iDevices, wouldn't it be nice to be able to edit your files from any of them as well? There are actually sev...

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I have seen the future, and it's SSD

On the Macworld show floor, I didn't really see one specific product that blew me away. What I did see, however, is the next big concept that's going to not only blow all of us away, but it will change the way we relate to our computers. It's the ...

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More streaming video fun: a first look at Qik Live for iPhone

The folks who first showed us video streaming live from an iPhone, Qik, now have an official (non-jailbreak) app available in the App Store. Like Ustream Live Broadcaster, Qik Live [iTunes Link] is a free iPhone app that streams live video to a we...

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First Look: Snagit for Mac Public Beta

Switchers were elated earlier this year when TechSmith, developers of the fabulous Camtasia screen recorder application for Windows, finally shipped their flagship app for the Mac. Those switchers were probably also wishing that TechSmith would crea...

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First look and reader giveaway: Lo-Mob, for that retro photo look

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a huge fan of iPhone photography apps. I've written about Best Camera, played with ColorSplash, and taken panoramic photos with Pano. When I noticed the $1.99US Lo-Mob [iTunes Link] while doing my weekly pass through ...

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How to cram the entire Internet Movie Database into your iPhone

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb), an company, has just released a free iPhone app [iTunes Link] that puts the power of the huge repository of movie facts, fables, and trivia into the palm of your hand. I use IMDb regularly, so when I ...

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First Look: Breaking the print / sign / fax cycle with Zosh for iPhone

Does this scenario sound familiar? You're out of town or away from your office, and you get a call from a client. They need for you to fill out and sign a contract, and then return it to them as quickly as possible. Right now, you'd probably pul...

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First look: Echofon for Mac beta version

Echofon (formerly TwitterFon) has been a favorite for many iPhone users for tweeting on the go. naan studio, the developers behind Echofon for iPhone and Firefox, have brought Echofon to the Mac with a newly-launched beta version. Like Tweetie (wh...

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First Look: JotNot Scanner for iPhone updated to version 2.0

There's certainly no shortage when it comes to iPhone apps that turn your device into a pocket-sized scanner. At various times, TUAW bloggers have reviewed or discussed Readdle ScannerPro [US$6.99 (currently on sale for US$4.99), iTunes Link], DocSca...

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Socialite (formerly Eventbox) out of beta, into your Mac

Socialite, the Mac social networking application formerly known as "Eventbox," has been released out of beta. The application is intended as a "one stop" for Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, Flickr, Digg, and any site that supports RSS. I've u...

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Dare to be Creative announces Parachute backup utility for Mac OS X

If there's one thing you've probably learned over the years from reading TUAW, it's that backups are important. Many of the bloggers here are obsessive about backups, doing Time Machine backups, SuperDuper! bootable backups, and using services like B...

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Sneak Peek: Stair Dismount offers... broken bones, mostly

Remember Zen Bound? It's a gorgeous and fun-to-play little puzzle game. So when I heard that SecretExit, the makers of Zen Bound, were about to release a new app, I was excited to get a sneak preview. Stair Dismount is a very different game t...

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Original Monopoly now available from EA for the iPhone / iPod touch

If an angry, perspiring Steve Ballmer took over control of my iPhone and said I could only have one third-party app on it, I know which app I'd keep. EA's Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition [US$4.99, iTunes Link] has been my favorite game on t...

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First Look: Voices for iPhone

Novelty and social applications are a big hit on the iPhone. A new one from the folks of Taptivate is sure to be a big hit when it is released in the near future. Voices for iPhone is touted as an "audio recorder with a twist" and even a "social voic...

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