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Hands-on: League of Legends for the Mac

Defense of the Ancients is one of the most interesting stories in all of gaming -- it was originally a player-created mod for the Warcraft III real-time strategy game, and it completely revamped the RTS game into a RPG/hack-and-slash mashup, where t...

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TUAW's Daily App: Solidarity Solitaire

Solidarity Solitaire is a pretty good version of Solitaire on the App Store, and developer Kyle Davis just recently released a free version supported by in-game ads. Just like the paid version, the free version is a no-frills affair. Solitaire is So...

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TUAW First Look: Digg's iPhone app

Digg released its official iPhone app this morning, and after playing with it for a little while, I can tell you that it does what it says on the box: it will let you browse, interact, and comment on the popular news aggregator without many problems...

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GDC 2010: The secret to App Store success

For the last panel of GDC 2010 day two, David Whatley of Critical Thought took the stage to talk about the App Store success he found with his games geoDefense and geoDefense Swarm, and almost dared other iPhone developers to follow his "guaranteed ...

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Barnes & Noble eReader for iPad coming soon

That's the word from the giant U.S. bookseller. There is already a version for the iPhone and iPod touch, and Barnes & Noble says customers can expect the free software around the time of the iPad launch. The reader will give B&N customers...

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Poynt for iPhone is a mixed bag

Poynt has come to the iPhone, after having been a very popular free app on BlackBerry phones. Poynt provides local searches of individuals and businesses. It also shares a database with Open Table, so you can use it to make reservations at restaurant...

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GDC 2010: Ngmoco previews We Rule and GodFinger

We stopped by Ngmoco's suite at GDC 2010 on the afternoon of the first day of the show, and got a chance to preview two upcoming titles they're working on testing and releasing soon. Both of the games follow Ngmoco's popular (and yet much-maligned) ...

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GDC 2010: Real Racing and Flight Control on the iPad with Firemint

We got to sit down with Australian developer Firemint here at the Game Developers Conference 2010 in San Francisco -- it's a mobile game developer who hit it big last year with the very popular iPhone game Flight Control, and while it used to make m...

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Siri updated for iPod touch and gets some new features

Siri for the iPhone was quite a hit when it came out earlier this year. You could ask it questions like, "where is the best pizza nearby?" and Siri would find the answer. My favorite response was when I asked if there was a God, and Siri gave me dire...

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Boston creates app to report road problems

Since moving to LA, I haven't quite had to deal with the potholes that Spring in Chicago usually brings (not that roads are any better out here, but at least they don't have to deal with all of the freezing and thawing). But despite the yearly flat ...

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Assassin's Creed II multiplayer, Rayman 2 out now on the iPhone

Two major league games have hit the App Store already this week, one of them for the surprise price of free. Ubisoft has released the multiplayer version of their Assassin's Creed II game on the App Store, and it's available for free for the first...

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AT&T plans for SXSW 2010

Happy March! The super hip and trendy South-by-Southwest music and tech festival is coming up this month, and like many tech conventions these days, AT&T is working on a plan to keep their network up and running as thousands of iPhones descend on...

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Tune Runner rises to the top on a wave of free

There's been some interesting discussion in our comments section lately about Ngmoco's freemium model -- first they made headlines by endorsing it even to the detriment of one of their most popular games, and then they bought Freeverse and the conver...

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Freeware find: Smith Micro Photo A.K.A. bulk file renamer

While I'm saving my pennies for a new 27" i7 iMac, I'm finding that "free is good." Software development house Smith Micro made my day this morning when I received an email telling me about their free Photo A.K.A. application for Mac (site registrati...

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Keep your eyes on the Sun safely with free 3D Sun app

I really love to find cool, free apps, and I have a good one for you. 3D Sun, developed in collaboration with NASA scientists, will alert you to solar flares and storms which can disrupt communications on earth and trigger spectacular northern lights...

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Want to argue about Global Warming? There's an app for that

I'm not sympathetic to the Global Warming skeptics. There's plenty of scientific evidence to contradict them. The trouble is, when you get into arguments about the subject, you're likely to be without facts and the arguments become emotional rather t...

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