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iPhone 101

iPhone 101: How to request a refund from the App Store for mistaken purchases

We've all done it -- you are browsing through the App Store and inadvertently purchase an app that you really didn't intend to buy. It's one of those costly fat finger moments that you wish you could take back. Thankfully, Apple provides a way to ...

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iPhone 101: Add labels to your On/Off toggles in iOS

iOS is filled with toggles that allow you to turn a feature on or off. In iOS 7, the state of a toggle is indicated by color with green meaning "on" and white meaning "off." If you need an additional visual cue either because of vision problems or ...

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iPhone 101: How to view your Safari browsing history on your iPhone or iPad

Like most modern web browsers, Safari for iOS stores your browsing history so you can call up web pages that you previously visited on your iPhone or iPad. The feature is easy to access and works with any open Safari page on your device. Open Sa...

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iPhone 101: Status bar symbols and what they mean

Similar to the Mac's menu bar, iOS has a status bar at the top of the screen that contains symbols with useful information about your iPhone or iPad. With just a quick glance, you can view which settings are enabled on your device, the strength of ...

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iPhone 101: Moving your address book from Google to iCloud

Are you a former Android user moving to the iPhone? Or an iPhone user who wants to switch from Google to iCloud for your online life? Thankfully, migrating between platforms isn't too difficult, especially when it comes to your address book. Movin...

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iPhone 101: What those icons mean when you are downloading apps

App downloads on the iPhone or iPad are usually fast and easy, with the app appearing on your device shortly after you hit the "purchase" or "download" button. Most of the time, you don't even notice the download process, but if you happen to hop t...

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iPhone 101: Always show walking directions in iOS Maps

Occasionally, I will travel to Boston, where it is much easier to get around by foot than by car. Apple's default Maps application will provide you with walking directions, but you have to switch from the default driving directions to walking direc...

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iPhone 101: Quickly change camera modes in iOS 7 without accidentally snapping a photo

One of the main reasons why I love my iPhone is its outstanding camera that allows me to capture a photo at a moment's notice. As noted when iOS 7 was released last year, Apple's latest version of iOS significantly improved the camera app, providin...

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iPhone 101: Five useful Clock app tips for iPhone and iPad owners

Since the beginning, Apple has always included a Clock app in iOS, providing iPad and iPhone owners with a world clock, an alarm clock, a stopwatch and a timer. You likely are familiar with the basic functions of the app, so here are five tips to hel...

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iPhone 101: Turn off read receipts to hide the fact that you've read an iMessage

Apple's iMessage app provides message status updates that let you know when a message has been delivered. It also has a handy feature called Read Receipts that lets you know when someone has read the message. This status update can be a blessing w...

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iPhone 101: How to easily combine multiple iMessages into a single message

Have you ever received a series of iMessages with important information that you need to share with someone else? You could forward each iMessage separately and spam your recipient. You also could copy and the contents of each message and then past...

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iPhone 101: How to use Control Center when the keyboard gets in the way

When you are writing an email or typing a note in iOS, the iOS keyboard takes over the bottom part of the screen, making it impossible to access Control Center. This singular focus on the keyboard is useful for entering text, but it is not so handy...

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iPhone 101: Control Center getting in the way? Here's how to disable it

Apple introduced Control Center in iOS 7, making it easier for users to access commonly changed settings such as WiFi, brightness, volume and more. You can open the Control Center drawer by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, and you can clos...

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iPhone 101: How to find which iOS apps were recently updated and what they changed

iOS 7 now allows for the automatic downloading of app updates in the background, which is convenient for users who have a lot of apps installed on their iPad or iPhone. The downside to these automatic updates is that developers sometimes roll out a...

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iPhone 101: How to use Lost Mode to find a missing iOS device

We lost an iPhone a few weeks ago while hiking and had no idea where on the trail it had dropped out of our bag. It was only partially configured -- iCloud was enabled, but not location services. I thought I was out of luck and had to re-hike the...

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iPhone 101: Troubleshooting iTunes error codes

Have you ever encountered a weird error code when you connect your iPad or iPhone to your Mac? These may pop up when you are updating your iOS device software or backing up your iPad or iPhone to your Mac. Below you will find a list of these errors...

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