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Calling all authors: How to sell your books in the iBook store

Have you got a novel or two in your bottom desk drawer? Did you participate in the National Novel Writing Month competition last November? Are you a budding author who needs that last nudge to actually get writing? If any of these describe you, Apple...

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More eBook trouble for Amazon

Amazon has run into more trouble with its pricing -- after Macmillan and HarperCollins, a third company has pressured the online book retailer to raise prices on their Kindle eBooks. This time it's the Hachette Book Group, and their CEO in an...

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The growing list of unsupported Macs

Out with the old, in with the new. This week's hardware releases were met with new additions to Apple's vintage and obsolete hardware lists. The following have been added, and I'm sad to say that I'm still using the Dual Ethernet Airport Base...

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A tweet for a case

We're not sure what someone has been putting in the water lately, but two separate vendors pinged us with case giveaways within minutes of each other. They're both using Twitter as the entry mechanism for the giveaways. The first giveaway is from our...

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FunctionFlip reclaims your function keys

When researching this week's Ask TUAW I ran across a nifty little utility for reclaiming the function keys on a Mac portable or recent Apple external keyboard. Basically, FunctionFlip allows you to set the individual function keys to be regular...

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Infectious offers discount for TUAW readers

I am a huge fan of Gelaskins, and my iPhone has boasted one since I discovered a display at a small Toronto store back in May. Adhesive art for your iPhone, iPod, and Mac is a fantastic concept and a great way to express yourself beyond the...

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Battery calibration recommended by Apple, why no utility?

Like virtually all mobile computer manufacturers, Apple recommends that users calibrate their laptop batteries every few months, as Scott pointed out a couple of years ago. Unlike many manufacturers, however, Apple does not include a utility to...

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Tilt Scream Pong makes you look insane

Want to install a game that makes you look as crazy as the poor woman in the video above? Look no further than Tilt Scream Pong, a game that utilizes both the Sudden Motion Sensor and the built in microphone in your Powerbook, iBook, MacBook or...

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iBooklet server

How we love enterprising geeks. "This machine isn't dead," they say, "it's prepped for re-purposing!" Thus was Jonas' thought process (maybe not verbatim) when he came across this 500mhz G3 ibook with a busted display. Other than the screen, the...

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Repair your iBook's logic board with a candle

Mark at Geek Technique received a 700mhz G3 iBook with video issues. The machine would boot, but produce no image on the display or when connected to an outside source. In fact, the issue he was experiencing has been documented by Apple, and a repair...

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This Old Mac: Icebooks

Remember when Apple ditched the clamshell iBooks and created the sleeker "icebook" form factor? My wife calls them Chiclets. Well we have 3 of them: a 500 MHz G3 from 2001 with a 10GB drive, a 800MHz G4 with a 60GB drive but a busted optical drive,...

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Estimating a Mac's lifespan

I'm pretty sure we've all experience the same hesitation when buying new Mac: snap one up now, or wait until a new model arrives? And when will that new model arrive? Mactactic tires to eliminate some of the guesswork by estimating a model's shelf...

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WoodStand: Another DIY "iCurve" laptop elevator

Making your own laptop stand out of Legos is cool and all, but not all of us have kids of our own to steal toys from. So we turn to more accessible materials like wood. That's what Erik did. Using wood, lacquer and some copper wire, Erik created his...

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Monster laptop sleeves from Barry's Farm

I have finally found the perfect laptop sleeve! Monster laptop sleeves are handmade to order and available in sizes accommodating 12-inch to 17-inch laptops. They are fuzzy and cuddly and cute... and isn't that all you need in a laptop sleeve? Sure,...

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Terminal Tip: Keep your Mac portable from waking when the lid is opened

Although I'm a Mac Geek by trade, I tend to avoid the terminal unless I'm out of other options. I'm a GUI kind of girl. It's the Mac OS that I love, not its Unix underpinnings. I appreciate the power of the command line - I just don't want to spend...

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Rig of the Day: iMac plus floating LCD

Bribing us by displaying TUAW on four screens doesn't work, but having a cool iMac setup on the day that Apple announces new iMacs will get you featured. I was cruising the TUAW pool looking for a good candidate for Rig of the Day when I came across...

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