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Netflix survey inquires about iPhone streaming, even though CEO says 'not coming soon'

Today's movies-in-motion tidbit comes courtesy of Mike over at the Hacking Netflix blog, who let us know that some of his readers are receiving the popup survey above. It inquires as to the reader's interest in a form of Netflix streaming (Wi-Fi onl...

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Quix makes bookmarklets even easier to use

Bookmarklets are one of my favorite things. I have an entire folder of them in my Safari Bookmark Bar for Instapaper and Readability and and Pukka and Tumblr and ... well, you get the idea. They're incredibly handy for doing "something" with t...

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Steve Jobs visits Wall Street Journal, trashes Flash again

Valleywag reports that during a recent iPad-promoting visit to the offices of the Wall Street Journal, Steve Jobs spent a significant amount of time trash-talking Adobe Flash yet again, and doing his best to get the Journal to move away from what he ...

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App Store categories get browser pages

Apple has apparently taken another step towards bringing iTunes to the browser, as you can now browse actual categories of the iTunes store right in regular HTML rather than having to click over into iTunes. There's still no support for television o...

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TUAW Exclusive: Aaron Patzer on the future of mobile finance,, and Quicken on the Mac

To the dismay of many, Mint sold to Intuit in September 2009 for $170 million. I say dismay because many users of Quicken products had been less than thrilled with Intuit's offerings for some time, and some people were concerned what a twenty-year-...

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TUAW review and giveaway: KeyGrinder for iPhone. It's PwdHash in an app

Have you ever heard of PwdHash? It's a Stanford University security project that has been implemented in a website, browser extensions, and now an iPhone app -- KeyGrinder for iPhone. This US$0.99 application is from the same people at Massively Over...

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Opera mini coming to the iPhone

Opera Software announced on Wednesday that they're going to offer a sneak peek of their Opera Mini web browser for the iPhone during Mobile World Congress 2010 (MWC). Several features of the Mac-based Opera will be included, like tabs, Speed Dial and...

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Google Buzz now available on iPhone web app

Google revealed its new social communications feature Buzz yesterday while we were all traveling to Macworld, and the new service is now up and running in the Mobile Safari web app, as well as in your Gmail account everywhere else. The mobile app has...

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The Flash saga continues: Adobe responds to charges of "laziness"

Kevin Lynch, CTO of Adobe, has posted the latest riposte in the ongoing fencing match between Apple and Adobe concerning the lack of Flash support in Apple's portable products, including the iPad. Apple's latest word on the subject reputedly came fro...

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US Government: iPad and other smart mobile devices may strain networks

Soon the iPad will be upon us, and the US government is worried about the congestion it will cause. Phil Bellaria is a staffer in the Obama administration. Specifically, he's the director of scenario planning for the federal government's Omnibus B...

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iPad popular on Twitter, biggest complaint is no Flash

Attensity Group has published a study showing people's attitudes toward the iPad. Their methodology for the study is fairly interesting: They analyzed 20,000 tweets from Twitter two hours before the iPad announcement, another 20,000 two hours after, ...

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New Trillian alpha available for the Mac

A Mac version of Cerulean Studio's Trillian has been years in the making and as of this past Friday, the alpha build of the software is finally out in the wild for Mac users to try. A private alpha has been available since 2007. Since I dropkicked...

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Google Email Uploader for Mac available now

The Gmail of a few years ago was quite primitive in comparison to the current incarnation. Still, threading and a nearly-bottomless cup of storage space made it appealing despite early privacy fears. I use Gmail extensively nowadays, complete with a ...

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Steve Jobs at Apple Town Hall meeting: Harsh words for Google, Adobe

Steve Jobs recently held a Town Hall meeting for Apple employees, and according to Wired, he had some very choice words for both Google and Adobe. While these likely aren't direct, word-for-word quotes, as they come from employees who spoke to Wired ...

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Adobe speaks up about Flash on the iPad

The iPhone and iPod touch haven't run Flash natively in the years since their respective debuts, and it's pretty clear based on Steve Jobs's presentation yesterday that the iPad won't run Flash, either. When scrolling through the New York Times's mai...

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Access Google Voice from the iPhone via Safari

Earlier today, Google made a mobile web version of Google Voice available for the iPhone. To understand the significance of this move, here's a bit of back story. Apple pulled all Google Voice related apps from the App Store back in July, which le...

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