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TUAW Deals


U2 is giving away new single on iTunes today, BofA is donating $1 to Red for every download until midnight

Yesterday's Super Bowl wasn't just about watching one team completely demolish another team; it was also about advertising. But in the middle of that sea of lite beer ads and cacophonous movie trailers was buried a chance to get some free music and...

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Can you believe these ads once ran on Apple's website?

On April 28, 2003, Apple forever changed the face of the music industry when it launched the iTunes Music Store. And to help usher in a new age of digital music commerce, Apple ran a series of ads on its website that you could never imagine running...

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5 iTunes movies to get you through the snow day

Snowed in today? You're not alone, but as long as you have power (and if you're reading this, I'm going to assume you do) there's a wealth of entertainment available to make you feel like you're still basking in the summer sun. Here are a handful...

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Apple wraps up 12 Days of Gifts with Rolling Stones mini album

Apple's 12 Days of Gifts promo ends today with a mini album from rock legends The Rolling Stones. The mini album contains selections from the band's "Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live" concert, recorded at London's Hyde Park in July 2013. This...

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Just in time for the holidays, iBooks Store adds the ability to send iBooks as gifts

Apple has just introduced a new way for you to buy gifts for friends and relatives. The iBooks Store has added the ability to give iBooks to those on your shopping list. It's been possible to send apps to others as gifts since 2010, and music or...

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Target won't sell Beyoncé CD due to iTunes-exclusive launch

Superstar Beyoncé's self-titled album is breaking all sorts of records thanks to incredible marketing on the Apple iTunes store, but that has retailer Target a bit miffed. The company has reported that it won't sell the CD version because...

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BEYONCÉ becomes the fastest-selling record on iTunes in just three days

Apple has just put out a press release announcing that the surprise self-titled album BEYONCÉ, which was announced only three days ago, (on the day of its release) has become the fastest-selling album on iTunes ever. In just three days,...

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Reports abound of app updates not showing up in iTunes

For the last six days, app updates have not been showing up in iTunes on the Mac and on the PC for many people around the globe. I can confirm that app updates have stopped appearing in iTunes on my Mac (while those missing updates still appear in...

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Rare Beatles recordings launching exclusively on iTunes this week

A set of rare Beatles recordings will be released exclusively on iTunes this week. Titled The Beatles' Bootleg Recordings 1963, news of the exclusive album was first reported on WogBlog and confirmed by NME. The Beatles' Bootleg Recordings 1963...

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Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen soundtracks now on iTunes

The post-launch hype for Pokemon X and Y has died down a bit, so if you've exhausted the previously released soundtracks, perhaps it's time for a change. Thankfully, today's release of the Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen soundtracks on iTunes should...

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iTunes to debut new album to support Global Fund on Nov. 25

Apple has partnered with The Global Fund to release Dance (RED) Save Lives, Vol. 2, a Product (Red) album whose proceeds will go to fighting malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS. The album features some of the most popular artists of today including Katy...

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Apple begins collecting Philippine typhoon donations for the American Red Cross

Apple is now offering people the ability to donate directly to the American Red Cross in order to help support the Philippine typhoon disaster relief. The donations are being advertised on Apple's home page and in iTunes. iTunes users can donate in...

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Apple releases iTunes 11.1.3 with equalizer and large library performance improvements

Apple has released iTunes 11.1.3 for Mac. The 11.1.3 update doesn't see any new features, but it does fix the annoying bug where the equalizer doesn't always work as expected. It also adds performance improvements when switching views in large iTunes...

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Pandora CFO talks about iTunes Radio, new markets

With Apple's iTunes Radio being a latecomer to the world of streaming internet radio, it's not surprising that the executives of streaming leader Pandora would not be happy with the new competitor. CNET's Joan Solsman interviewed the CFO of...

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Two lost Doctor Who serials released as iTunes exclusives

The BBC has discovered 11 Doctor Who episodes from the late 1960s in Nigeria. Nine of those episodes were originally lost after the BBC junked the original tapes in the '60s. The newly discovered episodes have been released as iTunes exclusives as...

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iTunes Radio to promo pre-release albums

iTunes Radio was already a great addition to iOS 7, but now that the dust is beginning to settle on the new operating system, Apple has revealed a perk that the new iTunes feature will afford us: Full-length streaming albums before their release....

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