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Quantcast: Apple share of OS growing while Microsoft shrinks slightly

Research released today indicates that in North America, Apple's Mac OS X is gaining traction, while the Windows share of the OS market is shrinking ever so slightly. That's the report from Quantcast, a company that measures and analyzes web...

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Mac 101: Navigating OS X with your keyboard

Let's face it: unless you're just casually surfing the Internet or playing a game, chances are pretty good that your hands are on the keyboard most of the time when you're at the computer. Sure, the mouse is only a few inches away, but wouldn't it...

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Create a fluid transition from login window to desktop in two easy steps

I always thought it would be cool if you could customize the background image of the Mac's login screen. That's the image you see behind the login panel when you turn your Mac on (if you have disabled Automatic Login in System Preferences). Why?...

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Dear Barrister TUAW: Psystar, matters of fact, and appellate cases

Dear Auntie Barrister TUAW, I've been following your coverage of the Psystar case and I'm a little confused by the discussion on your last post. I've always thought the original case to be one of fact and an appellate case one of law. This, to me,...

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Default Folder X adds Snow Leopard Support

One of my favorite little utilities has been updated to fully support Mac OS X 10.6.1. Default Folder X makes it easy to navigate when both saving and opening files, and it has saved me constant hours of prowling around for folders where I save and...

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Is the future of Mac...the iPhone?

I was chatting with my TUAW colleagues this morning about Mac versus iPhone programming. And as per usual with these conversations, we veered in the direction of unfettered speculation. It's an occupational hazard. As someone who regularly develops...

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Will Snow Leopard really make my computer any faster?

We've seen the benchmarks. We've heard from the techno-geeks. According to Apple, Snow Leopard should result in some impressive speed gains, and hefty hard drive space recapture. But does this speed bump actually result in tangible benefits for the...

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Mel Martin's Friday with Snow Leopard: few glitches, much joy

It was pretty quiet at the ole' Apple Store here in Tucson. I got there just at ten, and while there were stanchions to organize the crowd, they weren't needed and just sat off to the side looking lonely. There were plenty of people in the store, and...

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The Register fighting Apple takedown notice

'Twas the night before Snow Leopard, and all through the 'net, Apple was sending takedowns for previews of software that technically wasn't out yet... Snow Leopard is almost out, but "almost" isn't quite good enough for Apple. Apparently they sent a...

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A weekend with FireWire

My MacBook Pro and I had a bit of a rendezvous this past weekend. She's a 15 inch Core Duo with 2GB of RAM. Although she'll occasionally get as hot as a toaster oven (leaving red marks on my lap at times) and mooed like a cow when we first met, she's...

Continue Reading, Six useful Mac apps from Thoughtful Tree

TUAW receives a lot of app submissions for review, both for Mac and iPhone. But it's unusual when a developer sends us individual press releases for a relatively large number of apps. Steven Degutis is the brain behind a company called Thoughtful...

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Mac OS X 10.5.8 available through Software Update

The Mac OS X 10.5.8 update is now available through Software Update. Among the listed features are resolution for compatibility issues when joining AirPort networks, disappearing monitor resolutions in System Preferences, and Bluetooth reliability. ...

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TUAW Poll: When will Mac OS X 10.5.8 be released?

A friend of mine let me know that last night, Apple seeded Mac OS X 10.5.8 Build 9L30 to developers. Apparently, this version had only one item in the change list, that item related to an issue with waking from sleep mode when connected to external...

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Livescribe for Mac gets handwriting recognition thanks to Vision Objects

When it comes to cool tools for the Mac, the Livescribe Pulse smartpen is one of the most innovative. It's a pen that works with special dot paper to capture your handwriting and drawings, and links what you write to what you hear since it also...

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Let's do the Time Warp again! Offsite Time Machine backups

Apple did the world a great service when they introduced Time Machine backups to OS X. Suddenly, anyone could attach an external disk drive to their Mac and have a constant set of backups at their fingertips with little or no intervention required....

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Celebrate "One Small Step" + 40 with free Carina astronomy apps

On July 20th, 1969, I was an 11 year-old nerd who loved space. Along with billions of other people in the rest of the developed world, I sat in rapt attention in front of the family TV set watching the ghostly figures of Neil Armstrong and Edwin...

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