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Mac mini

Software Update Alert! Performance Update 1.0 available for download

Our sharp-eyed iPhone goddess, Erica Sadun, alerted us to the fact that there's a small, but potentially important, update that has just shown up in Software Update. Performance Update 1.0 "addresses intermittent hard drive-related stalls reported...

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New iMac, Mac mini, MacBook ads spotted

As we and others have posted over the past few days, there is a rumor that a new or redesigned iMac, Mac mini and MacBook models are coming very soon. Now, this week brings reports of Google ads supposedly touting the rumored Mac mini, iMac and...

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Kanex brings digital audio into a Display Port to HDMI adapter

When we published our "Ultimate Mac mini Home Theater" guide in August, I drooled along with everyone else at the idea of supercharging my HDTV with a mini for movie and music playback. Something nagged at me, though, as I looked over the options...

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Rumor Roundup: iMac and Mac Mini due to refresh before October 9th?

We have received countless tips about the availability of iMacs and Mac Minis, or lack thereof. AppleInsider posted earlier that Apple notified retailers that Mac mini orders will not be filled at the moment -- but soon. A later update states that...

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Followup: Transmit TV audio through your Mac

After my post earlier this week about transmitting Mac audio, readers contacted me about extending this solution. Although they liked the idea of direct audio while working out on a treadmill or exercise bike, several stated that they also wanted to...

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TUAW Tips: Send Mac audio to your iPhone for cheap

Earlier this month, I wrote about connecting my old Mac mini to my television . My mini offers a great Apple TV-style lifestyle with none of the Apple TV limitations. It's a real Mac running real Snow Leopard, albeit on an older, admittedly limited...

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Hands on: Connecting my mini to a TV

We bought our Olevia 47" on Black Friday, 2007. It wasn't a particularly well rated TV. But it was a Black Friday deal that we could afford and it gave us far more screen space than we'd thought we'd be able to purchase. It has served us well...

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Front Row performance on the mini takes a dive with Snow Leopard

Here's an interesting feature of Snow Leopard that you may or may not (probably not) find particularly useful. Apparently after upgrading to 10.6 several users at the Apple Discussion Forums -- mostly owners of Mac mini or MacBook models with the...

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Apple posts three new updates

After the big upgrade to Snow Leopard last weekend, Apple has posted three new updates, fixing various OS and firmware issues. The first is Mac mini EFI Firmware Update 1.2. This update "improves compatibility with the latest Apple memory kits on...

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Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Server pricing is good for business

In this morning's rush to figure out what had changed at the Apple Store, one of our readers pointed out that Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Server (US$499 for an unlimited license) was priced lower than Leopard Server (US$999 for unlimited users). While...

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(Re)locating your Mac mini's or iMac's headphone jack for easy access

Are you wishing for an easier way to plug in and unplug headphones from your Mac mini or iMac? There are a few ways to make it easier. You should be able to reroute the jack, allowing you to speed up your plug-in process. The first solution, which...

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TUAW Guide: Setting up the Ultimate Mac mini Home Theater

The Mac mini has always been the perfect form factor for a media center appliance (often called a Home Theater PC/HTPC). It's extremely small, almost completely silent and it can easily blend into an existing electronics shelf - or be hidden away...

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Behold! My Mac mini media center

For those of you that haven't heard me tell the beginning of this story on the TUAW talkcast, you might recall that my dad the switcher upgraded his Mac mini to a sweet new Mac Pro. So what could I do with an extra Mac mini? Maybe a server? Maybe a...

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The mighty mini, take two: DIY video baby monitor

What do you get when you combine a new parent on maternity leave with a love of gadgets and Apple products? Why, you get "baby monitor overkill!" In response to Dave Caolo's recent ode to the Mac mini, I figured it was time to step up. I had two...

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Mac mini and Dropbox: Getting it done

Yesterday I wrote about my love of the Mac mini. So dependable and unobtrusive, it's the Honda Civic of computers. In the post, I briefly described how we use Dropbox to send routinely-updated Keynote files to the mini. A few of you wrote to ask for...

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The mighty mini

While the iPhone, iPod and laptops get most of the glory, the Mac mini chugs quietly along, doing its job well and making owners happy. Earlier at my day job, I was working with one of our minis and recognized how I rely on it to perform a critical...

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