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Mac Pro

Mac Pro refresh bumps up the high end: these go to 12 cores

Processor BTO options range from four cores up to the aforementioned 16; the full matrix includes "Westmere" Xeon X5670 chops running at up to 3.33GHz on the single-chip machine and 2.93GHz on the dual-processor model. Only the dual-processor model...

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27-inch Cinema Display, 12-core Mac Pro by June

AppleInsider is reporting that Apple is preparing to launch a 27-inch Cinema Display and 12-core Mac Pro by June. The 27-inch Cinema Display is rumored to use the same panel as the one used in the 27-inch iMac and will look similar to the 24-inch...

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Mac Pro 'hexacore' Xeon Core i7 debuts Tuesday?

ZDNet is reporting that the next iteration of the Mac Pro will be unveiled next Tuesday, March 16th. Their sources indicate that Intel's new 'hexacore' Core i7-980x chip, which is also expected to be launched next Tuesday, will be in that machine. ...

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Mac Pro users reporting performance hit linked to audio use

Nehalem-based Mac Pro users are reporting in Apple's discussion forums and other locations that some audio tasks are causing performance issues. There is up to a 20% drop in performance while doing tasks as simple as listening to music in iTunes....

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Rumor: Mac Pro Intel 6-core i7 this month

Apple's top-of-the-line Mac Pro hasn't been updated since the Quad-Core model received support for 16GB RAM in September of '09. The last major revision introduced the Nehalem Xeon 3500 Processor last March. Today, HardMac is reporting that the...

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Rumor: Apple gunning for iPad trademark

Even though the WSJ pretty much broke the story on next week's tablet announcement (when the mainstream media prints something as true, it's true, right?), that hasn't kept the crazy tablet rumors from coming in. Earlier in the week, MacRumors and...

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Mac Pro and Xserve firmware, restore CD updated

Mac Pro and Xserve owners, take note -- Apple has released the following updates today: Xserve EFI Firmware Update 1.2 for Xserve (Early 2009) Improved compatibility with virtualization products utilizing VT-d Improved system reliability...

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MacBook prices around the world

While researching MacBook Pros, the folks at cmyplay produced an infographic charting the relative prices of MacBook Pros around the world. The variation is amazing. The lowest cost was found in the US ... mostly. Certain models cost less in Hong...

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Parallels Desktop 5 doesn't play well with Kaspersky Anti-Virus on some Macs

My Christmas miracle was that after waiting a month and a half, my Godzilla iMac 27" 2.8 GHZ Intel Core i7 iMac showed up on my doorstep on Christmas Eve. This was, ironically, two days after receiving a letter from Macmall telling me that my order...

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Leaked details of Intel's Core i7-980X Processor

You'd think we were on the verge of an old-school Macworld Expo Keynote with all the rumors about this morning. Chinese site has spilled the beans on Intel's forthcoming Core i7-980x Processor. We're guessing that this processor...

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Mac Pro gets a speed bump, Xserve has new storage options

After the introduction of the new 27" Intel Core i7 iMac in October, a lot of us in the Mac world were puzzled by the lack of a new higher-end Mac Pro. After all, the Mac Pro has traditionally been the most powerful Mac with the highest level of...

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Rumor: 6-core Intel Core i9 CPU on the way to a Mac Pro near you

Hardmac has provided the Mac universe with an interesting rumor -- that a future Mac Pro, expected in early 2010, will sport dual Intel Xeon Core i9 "Gulftown" CPUs. The website cites a Polish website, PCLab, as showing test results of the CPU at...

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OS Xbox Pro is the hottest hackintosh ever

Warning: some NSFW lyrics on the music in the video above. What do you get when you combine an old Xbox with OS X and some Mac Pro level hardware? This monstrosity. Built by Will Urbina, the OS Xbox Pro is a hackintosh casemodded into an...

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Mac Pro takes a bullet, brings justice

This piece isn't about shooting Mac Pros, but it is about how the Mac Pro is helping forensics professionals solve cases faster and more accurately. Pyramidal Technologies produces a system called ALIAS (Advanced balLIstics Analysis System), a...

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Mel Martin's Friday with Snow Leopard: few glitches, much joy

It was pretty quiet at the ole' Apple Store here in Tucson. I got there just at ten, and while there were stanchions to organize the crowd, they weren't needed and just sat off to the side looking lonely. There were plenty of people in the store, and...

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Psystar releases Open(3), plays with fire

Say, just for the sake of argument, that you're Psystar. You've been served by Apple for selling (they claim) illegal clones of their machines, and selling their OS (which you claim isn't even copyrighted) on illegitimate hardware. Sure, you've won...

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