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MacBook Air

If I couldn't use a Mac

Joshua Piven's The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook sits on my desk. The book provides instructions on how to deal with certain scenarios, say wrestling yourself free from an alligator or landing an airplane. What it doesn't provide, however, is...

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MacBook Air updates imminent?

Via "a well-placed source familiar with Apple inventory levels and product refreshes," the Australian version of Macworld has discovered that MacBook Air updates may arrive as early as this week. Their source found a new product number in Apple's...

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TUAW review and giveaway -- BookArc from Twelve South

It's no surprise that TUAW bloggers like the products from Twelve South. They're made only for Macs, they have excellent quality and the company always sends us items to give away to our readers. We've previously had giveaways for the BackPack,...

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BookBook: A classy way to protect and hide your MacBook

Curse you, TwelveSouth! You keep coming up with ways to make me spend my hard-earned money. This time, it's a wonderfully unique sleeve for the MacBook line, the BookBook. This US$79.99 sleeve looks like an antique leather-bound book, but it...

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Road Tested: the socially-developed Quirky PowerCurl

You've heard me rant about Quirky before on TUAW: it's a company that uses social development (i.e., group-think) to create innovative new products. Everyone who participates deeply in the creation of a product can benefit monetarily from the sales...

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Apple's Mac mini tops chart of 'green' computers

The sust-it website, which provides rankings of energy usage and annual energy cost for thousands of appliances, home entertainment devices, and computers, has announced that Apple's Mac mini fills the top four spots for the most efficient desktop...

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Software Update Alert! Performance Update 1.0 available for download

Our sharp-eyed iPhone goddess, Erica Sadun, alerted us to the fact that there's a small, but potentially important, update that has just shown up in Software Update. Performance Update 1.0 "addresses intermittent hard drive-related stalls reported...

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PowerCurl: A quirky way to wrap up your MagSafe Power Adapter

quirky is a design firm with a difference. Rather than pay a brain trust to sit around and think up product ideas, they let average Anns and Andys submit designs that are then refined and named by a community of site visitors. When designs are ready...

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Have a MacBook running Snow Leopard? Give someone your Autograph

Up to this point in time, if you wanted to "sign" an electronic document (other than a secure PDF), you either had to scan your signature with a scanner and import the resulting graphic into your document, or purchase a digitizing tablet. Ten One...

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Three for three: Friday's trifecta of Snow Leopard upgrades

If you joined us Friday night for the Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard liveblog, you probably saw me say that I didn't have many issues with the upgrade. That's an understatement -- I think Snow Leopard is one of the smoothest upgrades I've ever performed...

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Ask TUAW: Syncing notes, iLife '09, iTunes downloads, keychains and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly Mac troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about syncing notes, iLife '09, iTunes downloads, the importance of keychains and more. As always, your suggestions and questions are welcome....

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Good news, bad news: WD ships first 1 TB mobile drive, doesn't fit in Mac laptops

Yes, it's a lot of storage -- but the drive's form factor won't fit into any currently available Mac laptop. (Note the update at the end of this post) I was pretty excited when the Western Digital news release hit my inbox. The new drives, the...

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Blinded by the light? RadTech's ClearCal may save your eyes

Since Apple made the design decision to forgo glare-free screens on MacBooks, iMacs, and Cinema Displays, a common problem for lots of users is reflection of light off of displays. It seems to be particularly bad if you sit with your back to a...

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Multi-touch coming to older MacBooks? Not so fast.

Mac Life and Gizmodo are both reporting that Snow Leopard will add multi-touch gestures to all older MacBooks and MacBook Pros. This has gotten a lot of people's hopes up that three- and four-finger multi-touch gestures will be back-ported to all...

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Mac laptop glossy screens hazardous to your posture?

Well, we're still not sure our iPhones are safe to use, and now comes word from Australia that our brand spanking new glossy screens might be hurting us as well, through bad ergonomics. An HR advisory from Queensland University of Technology suggests...

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Apple updates MacBook Air

It's one of the most overlooked product refreshes of the day, but the MacBook Air still deserves some credit. Not only did the Air get a drastic price drop (specifically with the SSD model), but it also gained a few specs. The base MacBook Air now...

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