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Macbook Pro

If I couldn't use a Mac

Joshua Piven's The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook sits on my desk. The book provides instructions on how to deal with certain scenarios, say wrestling yourself free from an alligator or landing an airplane. What it doesn't provide, however, is...

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Recent MBPs suffering from 'narcolepsy'

There's an active thread on Apple's support boards about current-model MacBook Pro machines, running current builds of Leopard and Snow Leopard. These MBPs are refusing to wake from sleep. Specifically, users find a black screen when trying to rouse...

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Patent: Invisible button on future MacBook Pros

AppleInsider has the story of a patent application that would turn any place on the aluminum shell of a MacBook Pro into a disappearing input space by utilizing invisible backlit holes. The application describes an input device made of the same...

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Report: Core i7 MacBook Pros running hot

Tests performed by PC Authority found a Core i7 MacBook Pro to be running very hot, climbing to over 100 degrees Celsius. The magazine had a Core i7-620M based 17" MacBook Pro on their hands for testing. While putting it through their benchmark...

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Inertial scrolling should be possible on all multi-touch trackpads

A new feature called "inertial scrolling" has been introduced in the latest MacBook Pros. This feature changes the way that scrolling functions in OS X, making it behave more like the iPhone. Traditionally, when you use two-finger scrolling in OS X,...

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Why the 13" MacBook Pro still uses Core 2 Duo CPUs

Since the MacBook Pro refresh last week, many have wondered why the 13" MacBook Pro wasn't updated with Intel's latest i5 processors. My dad, for example, had been waiting on a MacBook Pro update since January, but since the 13" stuck with Core 2 Duo...

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UBS analyst praises new MacBook Pros and approaching clouds

The sun had not even set on Tuesday when UBS analyst Maynard Um expressed his pleasure over Apple's new MacBook Pros. "The MacBook Pro refresh positions Apple well heading into the education and back to school spending seasons," said Um, adding...

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Apple releases software update for today's MacBook Pro refresh

Well, that didn't take long. Apple has already released a software update for the 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro's that were released earlier today. MacBook Pro Software Update 1.3 is recommended for all 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pro mid 2010 models; it...

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Big Kahuna: The new 17" MacBook Pro

Those who need a mobile studio and have very strong backs may be inclined to consider the Big Papi of Apple laptops, the 17" MacBook Pro. Today's update adds even more brawn to Apple's beast. Here are the details. There is one main configuration,...

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Little buddy: 13" MacBook Pro details

Never intimidated by its larger siblings, the 13" MacBook Pro is the closest many users will get to the fabled 12" G4 Powerbook. Today's update gives it more to brag about, like extended battery life and improved performance. This machine comes...

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Overview: The new 15" MacBook Pro

Earlier today, Apple released new MacBook Pros. The 15", middle-of-the-line model hits the sweet spot for many MBP customers, and this latest iteration is just as desirable as its predecessors. This model comes in two main configurations,...

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Behind the scenes, Optimus (not) at work on new MBPs?

Update: While Engadget originally reported that Optimus was behind the MBP power-saving switch feature, AppleInsider is citing NVIDIA representatives that the feature isn't based on their tech -- they say it's home-grown by Apple. Thanks to our...

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New MacBook Pro models are out now

After an early morning bit of store downtime, Apple has released new MacBook Pro models this morning, as rumored/longed for/expected lo these many weeks. The 15" and 17" models now use the i5 and i7 Intel dual-core processors (at 2.4, 2.53GHz or...

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Inventory screenshot from Microcenter shows imminent MacBook Pro updates

We've received an anonymous tip from a Microcenter employee in the form of a screenshot of Microcenter's inventory system. The screenshot appears to show that a MacBook Pro update is imminent. Microcenter's inventory system shows four different SKUs...

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Rumor: MacBook updates coming later this month

Hey, remember the MacBook? That big computer thingy that Apple used to make before the iPad and iPhone took over the world? You're not alone. Despite the hoopla over the iPad launch and the forthcoming iPhone OS 4.0 event, Apple isn't neglecting its...

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Man files "sharp" edge off his MacBook Pro

I own a 2009 MacBook Pro and have never had this problem, but everyone's different. John Pozadzides got sick and tired of his MacBook Pro's sharp edge digging into his wrist (and people thinking he was trying to kill himself) so he took it into...

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