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Apple ends $30 MobileMe and iWork rebate program

An internal memo suggests Apple is ending the US$30 MobileMe and iWork rebate program. The program offers customers a $30 discount on a $99 MobileMe subscription or the $79 iWork suite when they buy a new Mac. According to the memo, Apple has told...

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MobileMe rumored to get alternative payment methods

A recently-published report from Germany suggests Apple will soon add brand new functionality to MobileMe: the ability to subscribe to the suite of online services with a form of payment other than a credit card. The rumor discourages hope for Mobi...

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MobileMe boxed copies going away

Apple is reportedly informing third-party resellers that boxed versions of MobileMe are now discontinued. Retailers can continue to sell their existing inventory, but supplies will not be replenished. This latest information falls in line with ear...

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Apple working on major revamp of MobileMe, could be free

On the eve of the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, the Wall Street Journal online tech section ran a short post discussing a new, less-expensive iPhone that is apparently in the works (and all but confirmed by the Wall Street Jo...

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MobileMe will go down for maintenance tonight

Here's a quick heads-up. MobileMe will go down for maintenance tonight. Specifically, MobileMe account maintenance will take place on 12/14/2010 between 22:00 and 23:00 PT, while MobileMe sync maintenance will occur on 12/14/2010 between 22:00 PT and...

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Alleged Steve Jobs email: MobileMe to get a lot better

MacRumors is reporting on an email, which it believes to be authentic, that one of its readers received from Steve Jobs. The reader sent an email to Jobs after the frustrations over his MobileMe experiences mounted. The reader told Jobs that while he...

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Terminal Tips: More reliable SSH connections to your Back to My Mac hosts

Back to My Mac is a feature of MobileMe that allows you to connect remotely to your Macs. Usually this is for screen-sharing or file-sharing through the Finder, but you can also connect via SSH. In the Terminal app (found in /Applications/Utilities/)...

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MobileMe may be Apple's least "green" product, packaging-wise

When I purchased my MacBook Pro in early 2008, I threw down US$69 for a .Mac (now known as MobileMe) membership. I expected to get an email confirmation of my .Mac order (which I did), followed shortly by another email with an activation code. Inste...

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MobileMe Calendar web app out of beta

Apple has announced that the MobileMe Calendar web app is now officially out, leaving beta and becoming available to all MobileMe customers. The service allows you to check or update your MobileMe calendar from any computer or iOS device, share or p...

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Apple will discontinue .Mac HomePage viewing Nov. 8

Apple has given final notice to those publishing content through the old .Mac service. A note was sent to MobileMe members today stating that as of November 8th, Web pages published using the obsolete .Mac service will become unavailable. Those pu...

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MobileMe Gallery app goes universal in version 1.2

Apple's free MobileMe Gallery app was just updated, and the new version finally supports the iPad. Other changes have been made to finally bring the app up to speed with iOS 4 and the iPhone 4 -- there's now support for fast app switching, and th...

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Apple adds demo video to MobileMe mail

The MobileMe web app went down for scheduled maintenance last night, and returned this morning with an overview video. In about three minutes, it points out the features of the recently-redesigned Mail web app. Those who have been using it for a whil...

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MobileMe to go down for scheduled maintenance

MobileMe customers who use the web apps will experience some down time later today as Apple performs some scheduled maintenance. Expect the web services to be offline between 10:00 PM and 12:30 AM Pacific Time. Apple doesn't mention if other servi...

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Rocky day for MobileMe email

After a day of intermittent issues for email on MobileMe, Apple has noted the issue on the MobileMe support page; the company says the problem is now resolved but "some MobileMe users could not send.... We apologize for any inconvenience. No kiddi...

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Apple issues MobileMe calendar beta

Early this morning, Apple released a beta of the MobileMe Calendar Web app. MobileMe customers can request an invitation at As with the Mail beta, the new Calendar has received a major UI overhaul. A new list view, similar to what...

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Apple updates Gallery for iPhone 4, iPad version still AWOL

Apple has pushed out a new version of MobileMe Gallery, a free app for people who post pictures to the MobileMe service and want to access them on their iPhone or mail them to friends. Apple says the app now has higher resolution images on an iPho...

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