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Flickr Find: DIY iCurve with Legos

DIYer Extensor posted pics of a self-built iCurve replacement over at flickr. Created to support his (or her, the page doesn't say) 15-inch Powerbook, the do-it-yourself-Curve is made from spare legos and a $7 Container Store wire shelf. The shelf is...

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MacBook Marionette

Most puppets scare me. Horrid little creatures, only coming alive when controlled by some being of perceived omnipotence manipulating every aspect of their pathetic little lives. But enough about my puppet paranoia, and on to this awesome hack....

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Lilt - wave your notebook like you just... want to turn up iTunes

If you're finished with smacking your MacBook to make it do your bidding, maybe you can move on to tilting it and playing with the some mood lighting (in the Pro models) to really get things done? Lilt is a new app that harnesses the power of of...

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MCE OptiBay replaces your Macbook Pro or PowerBook G4 optical drive with a hard drive

If you tote a portable around all day and find yourself needing extra storage more often than you need to read or write CDs or DVDs and you're tired of depending on slow external drives, then MCE has a solution for you. The OptiBay Hard Drive...

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Monster laptop sleeves from Barry's Farm

I have finally found the perfect laptop sleeve! Monster laptop sleeves are handmade to order and available in sizes accommodating 12-inch to 17-inch laptops. They are fuzzy and cuddly and cute... and isn't that all you need in a laptop sleeve? Sure,...

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Terminal Tip: Keep your Mac portable from waking when the lid is opened

Although I'm a Mac Geek by trade, I tend to avoid the terminal unless I'm out of other options. I'm a GUI kind of girl. It's the Mac OS that I love, not its Unix underpinnings. I appreciate the power of the command line - I just don't want to spend...

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DIY notebook sleeve from corduroys and a sweatshirt

No one with an internet connection is ever allowed to claim that there is a shortage of DIY tutorials and craziness on the internet, and this latest home-grown notebook sleeve from a guy named Sam is no exception. You see, Sam is an accident magnet...

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Ask the readers: PowerBook protection

I'm humble enough to admit when I need some help, and I'm lucky to have an esteemed group of readers such as yourselves comprising my very own hive mind. The issue is this: My trusty PowerBook is getting on a bit in the years, and like all creatures,...

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Rig of the Day: That's some office

The more, the better, right? This office consists of dual 2.0Ghz G5 (probably replaced by now with a Mac Pro), a 15 inch PowerBook, a 1.0 Ghz G4, and three Cinema displays. That's a lot of computing power for one office. BWJonesOffice by BWJones....

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Flickr Find: TiMac

What is a Mac hacker to do with some time and a Titanium PowerBook on hand? Why, create an iMac like machine from the TiBook and christen it the 'TiMac.' That case is handmade, and holds the display of the old PowerBook. Check out these pictures for...

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A Mac on the cover of Playboy

These days you can't turn on a TV, open a magazine or walk down the street without spotting an Apple product or at least an ad for one, and now it seems Apple's expanding popularity has even landed the company on the cover of October's Playboy (Zinio...

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Lab Tick

Lab Tick is a freeware menubar item that lets you take control of your Powerbook/MacBook Pro's backlit keyboard. It allows you to control the intensity with a nice slider, and you can also set a few more things, though there isn't too much to the...

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iColours for Apple notebooks

If the white glow of the Apple logo in your notebook isn't touching your heart the same way anymore, iColours might be just the touch-up you need to rekindle your love of all Apple things that glow (of which there aren't many). These 'high quality'...

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Rig of the Day: Retro simplistic

I think that all those people who hated my last two picks for Rig of the Day will like this one. What's not to like, there's a PowerBook, an 4th gen iPod, a Macintosh 512K and an ImageWriter. No need for a flaming desk, or a wall of monitors. And...

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Found Footage: Laser etching a PowerBook

Gina over at Lifehacker got her PowerBook etched with a Celtic knot, and she had the wherewithal to capture the process with her cameraphone. The video isn't that great, but head on over to Lifehacker to check out some photos of the finished...

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12-inch PowerBook batteries can catch fire, too

It looks like Dell isn't the only company who can have a little fun with laptops that get just a little too hot. Apparently, the battery of a Norwegian design firm employee's 12-inch PowerBook worked just a little too hard and caught ablaze itself,...

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