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Review: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto is, at this point, one of the most storied franchises in video game history. It was already huge back during the days of DMA Design, when it was a top-down open world crime game with an attitude, but with the coming of Grand Theft A...

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The BearExtender n3 gives you more Wi-Fi range at a low cost

It's not often that I've come across a product that works perfectly, does exactly what it says it will, costs a lot less than its closest competitor and provides a real and salient difference in my computing experience. The US$44.97 BearExtender n...

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TUAW Review and Giveaway: Twelve South BassJump subwoofer for MacBook

It's no secret that I am an unabashed fanboy of Mac accessory design firm Twelve South. Their BackPack for the iMac and Apple Cinema Display is sleek and utilitarian, and the BookArc is a stylish way to stash that MacBook Pro when you want to use it ...

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Count The beats: Training your ear with RelativePitch

Relative pitch, let alone perfect pitch (some people are born with it, everyone else has to learn!) is an invaluable skill required when it comes to playing an instrument and understanding the music you are hearing. Thankfully, Easy Ear Training has ...

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Friday Favorite: Snippets

Welcome to Friday Favorites! Every Friday, one of us will get all sloppy over an app, web service, or Mac feature that makes us grin like an idiot every time we use it. This week, Brett tells us about his favorite new snippet manager. If you write...

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Can the Project 365 iPhone app make you a better photographer?

Photographers have always known that the more pictures you take, the more you learn about photography. Digital photography has made it easy and inexpensive for photographers of any experience level to take as many photos as they want. In addition, th...

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TUAW Review and giveaway: BackPack for iMac and Cinema Display

Way back in August we announced the release of the Twelve South BackPack for iMacs and Cinema Displays. It's a cool little metal shelf that clamps onto the back of the desk stand on your computer or monitor, giving you a place to hide a backup hard d...

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RedEye gives you a universal iPhone remote for your home entertainment center

ThinkFlood has released RedEye, their universal remote add-on for iPhone and iPod touch. The RedEye remote is a combination of hardware and software that turns your iPhone into a truly universal remote control for IR-based devices. I received an adva...

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Road Tested: Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 from Sprint

Back in August of this year, my local TUAW blogging buddy Erica Sadun posted some information about the Verizon MiFi portable broadband router. The MiFi device, created by Novatel Wireless, is a tiny Wi-Fi router with a built-in EVDO 3G modem. Essent...

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TUAW Review: Checkout, top notch Point of Sale software for Mac

I had the opportunity to speak with the creators of Checkout: an excellent Point of Sale application for the Mac. I've been working with the app for several weeks now and have been thoroughly impressed by it, especially after the developers shared th...

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Super-panoramic showdown for Mac

There are several photo-stitchers available for Mac (and several for iPhone as well), and most do a stellar job for stitching together 3-4 images into a panoramic image. However, I recently completed a project that required stitching together hund...

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Count The Beats: Logic Studio, are you in love? (Poll)

Here at TUAW, we've not given Apple's Logic Studio a great deal of coverage recently. In particular, back in July 2009, Apple released its latest iteration of the popular music production software, Logic Pro 9 (alongside the upgrade to all its variou...

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Brenthaven: The best computer backpack I've ever seen

The TUAW gang have been searching for great holiday gift ideas and I think I've found one that's been right under my nose for five years. When I bought my brand new PowerBook G4 17" in 2004, I splurged and bought a Brenthaven backpack for it. Back...

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Hands-on with the new Apple Remote

Like many of the others at TUAW who really wanted to see this remote, I got my new Apple Remote a few days ago, and here are some of my impressions....

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TUAW Review: Kanex HDMI + audio adapter works fine but costs extra

When we first heard about the Kanex HDMI + digital audio converter a few weeks ago, I was eager to give it a trial run and see if it managed to deliver on the promise of integrated audio with HDMI video. I've been playing with the $70 unit for a few...

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Hands-on with the Magic Mouse

Well, I got my Magic Mouse a few days ago, and I've been using it for my everyday tasks for a few days (and I'm still using it), and here are my impressions. Packaging: This packaging is clear, showing the actual Magic Mouse, just like the...

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