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Road Tested: Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 from Sprint

Back in August of this year, my local TUAW blogging buddy Erica Sadun posted some information about the Verizon MiFi portable broadband router. The MiFi device, created by Novatel Wireless, is a tiny Wi-Fi router with a built-in EVDO 3G modem....

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Dropzone makes it easy to copy files, install apps

We've mentioned Dropzone before as a Friday Favorite, but I just happened across the app while I was trying to solve a problem. I suspect many TUAW readers find themselves in the same situation that I am in: I use a desktop and a laptop. I often find...

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Oxford English Dictionary is the very definition of an ugly Mac port

Upon learning that the Oxford English Dictionary was going to be released on CD-ROM for the Mac, I pre-ordered it from for $244 back in December (list price $295, currently $212). Due to Amazon's "pre-order price guarantee" the final...

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Road Tested: the Verizon MiFi portable broadband router

For the last couple of weeks, I've been testing the Verizon MiFi portable WiFi hotspot. After writing about the MiFi, a few months back, I was placed on a waiting list to receive a test unit. Could the MiFi enhance the iPod touch experience to bring...

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Road Tested: Dexim Dual Dock Charger

Living in a multiple iPhone and iPod household is both fun and annoying. It's fun to talk about cool apps and play multi-user games, but it's annoying trying to find a place to plug in our iPhones and iPods. Right now we have two iPhone 3GS's, an...

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Road Tested: Ecamm BT-1 Bluetooth webcam (& we're giving one away!)

Webcams are great, but when they're built into your display or laptop, they are usually good for only a couple of things -- video chats of your talking head or taking goofy pictures with Photo Booth. Ecamm, the development firm that makes the Call...

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Road Tested: AT&T Navigator for iPhone

Like my colleague Mel Martin, I've had a serious GPS jones for quite a while. When I was in much better shape, I rode the local trails on a mountain bike with a Garmin eTrex Summit. It didn't have any maps, nor did I really need any for what I was...

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Road Tested: Mophie Juice Pack Air

iPhone 3G and 3G S owners now have an attractive, lightweight, and functional way to provide extra juice to their power-hungry devices -- the Mophie Juice Pack Air. Available in black, white, and purple, the Juice Pack Air is a slightly more svelte...

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Friday Favorite: Photomatix Pro

There are few times I have used software that really caused my jaw to drop. Photomatix Pro did just that. It's a Mac OS X utility that allows you to create what are called High Dynamic Range (HDR) images from separate digital exposures taken at...

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Road Tested: Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer laptop bag

After I traveled to Africa in February with a Tom Bihn Western Flyer bag loaded with geek gear, I wrote a post talking about how I packed that bag for the trip. It was the perfect bag on that vacation, as it allowed me to pack all of my gear into...

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Road Tested: Why the hackb00k is a fail

A tweet this afternoon pointed me to a post by Dave "MacSparky" Sparks titled The Netbook Experiment, in which he talked about his disappointment with a Dell mini 9 netbook. Since I was about to send out a tweet to the world at large announcing the...

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Road Tested: Otterbox's serious iPhone case

I bought my 4GB iPhone way back on June 29th, 2007, release day for the US. Upon removing it from its box, all shiny and smooth, I thought, "I need a case for this thing." I'm what you call scratch-phobic. But then I saw the rigorous torture test...

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Road Tested: LaCie iamaKey, the USB flash drive you'll actually use

USB flash drives are a dime a dozen. They've gone from being a "wow" item a few years ago to a throwaway handout item. Many are cheap plastic devices that either come with a neck lanyard attached or with a small loop for attaching to a key ring. More...

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TUAW Review: XRoad G-Map US

During the discussion earlier in the year about why Apple was blocking turn-by-turn GPS navigation apps for the iPhone 3G (it will be "legal" in iPhone 3.0), a reader pointed out that there have been a pair of turn-by-turn navigators in the App Store...

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Road Tested: Voltaic Systems Generator laptop bag

Thinking green? Voltaic Systems' Generator laptop bag (US$499) might be just the thing to buy for Earth Day on April 22nd. I had a chance to road test one of these incredibly cool bags for a month and was very impressed. What makes it so special?...

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Road Tested: EcoRunner by Marware

As promised, we're launching a new series called Road Tested where we try out various products for a month or more, see how they hold up to extended "real world" use, and report back our findings. To kick things off we're looking at the EcoRunner...

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