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Snow Leopard

AppleJack startup utility now works with Snow Leopard

In the hustle and the bustle of last week's full-court press press, there was a bit of Mac news worthy of mention: the indispensable AppleJack single-user utility has been updated for compatibility with Snow Leopard. If you never need AppleJack, y...

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Mac OS X 10.6.4 is in Software Update

Head on over to Software Update to find the latest OS X dot release.10.6.4 is now available -- and in addition to the usual split between delta and combo updates, and regular/server versions, there's another wrinkle here: the Mac mini released today ...

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Use networksetup to change AirPort networks from the command line

The other night I needed to change Wi-Fi networks on a computer that I was connected to via ssh. Just about every page that I found via Google led me to try the exact same thing (type "airport -A") with one minor problem: it didn't work. Let's back u...

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Apple seeds new build of Mac OS X 10.6.3

iPhoneinCanada is reporting that Apple has seeded a new build of Mac OS X 10.6.3. The build, numbered 10D571, weighs in around 700MB and focuses on Graphics Drivers, iChat, QuickTime, Fonts. The build also fixes: Compatibility issues with OpenGL-...

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Mac 101: Navigating OS X with your keyboard

Let's face it: unless you're just casually surfing the Internet or playing a game, chances are pretty good that your hands are on the keyboard most of the time when you're at the computer. Sure, the mouse is only a few inches away, but wouldn't it ju...

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Yet another Mac OS X 10.6.3 seed released to developers

Mac OS X 10.6.3 Build 10D561 has been released to developers less than a week after the previous build. Not a great deal has changed since the last build -- iPhoneinCanada has the specific details on this latest build, which include refinements to Op...

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Eliminate the blue outer glow in Exposé

One of the more questionable changes that was introduced in 10.6 Snow Leopard was a soft, blue glow that appears around application windows when using Exposé. Previously, in 10.5 Leopard, the entire Window was highlighted blue; now, however, t...

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Aperture 3 already updated

I didn't even have dust on the box yet, but Aperture 3 has scored an update within a few days of its release. The update, according to Apple, "...addresses an issue affecting the playback of video clips used in Aperture 3 slideshows on Snow Leopard."...

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TUAW Tip: Get an instant definition of any word in a pop up window

Gee, I love stuff like this, and I wish I would have known about it a long time ago. The tip comes from and it's a great one. Need a quick definition of a word in Safari or an email? Yes, you probably already knew you could right-click...

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TotalFinder beefs up Finder

A new "hack" for Finder is in the works, and it's pretty darn cool. TotalFinder adds tabs, Visor-like functionality and a few other goodies (with more on the way) to your plain, vanilla Finder setup. If you're skittish, though, don't jump just yet...

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Hints found of OpenGL 3.0 support in 10.6.3

News is bouncing around today that the current test version of Mac OS X 10.6.3 has OpenGL 3.0 installed in it, and while it's not completely working yet, developers are hopeful that this means Apple is pushing to have full OpenGL 3.0 support in plac...

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Candelair IR driver addresses Apple remote issues in Snow Leopard

As we wait on the threshold of 10.6.3, there are still some hiccups and interesting issues in Snow Leopard that might make your life a bit more difficult (as Aron mentioned recently). In particular, getting your Apple Remote to behave properly with a...

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Mac OS 10.6.3 to bring many fixes

The release of Mac OS 10.6.3 moves closer as Apple has begun widespread testing of build 10D522. According to AppleInsider, this update focuses on stability and core components like AppKit, CoreMedia, Desktop Services, FileSync, Fonts, HIToolbox and ...

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Snow Leopard Creator Codes: one more time, with feeling

I recently wrote about Ross Carter's Snow Leopard Creater Code discoveries and his solution, LaunchCodes. It turns out there were a few issues with the initial implementation, such as Apple Events not being passed along. Normally when you find a file...

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Apple's top technical feats of the decade

We're well into 2010 (OK, 4 days), but there's still a few more lists and "top tens" of the last decade to clean up. One of the more interesting Apple-related wrapups is this list by Fraser Spiers, showing off Apple's best technical feats of the pas...

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SSH and the case-sensitive username in Snow Leopard

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard introduced a lot of under-the-hood changes and many are not very obvious. One such change is to the authentication requirements for logging in remotely via SSH. In 10.5 logging in remotely via SSH was a pretty standard a...

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