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TUAW Interview: Milo Bird of Phantom Fish

On Tuesday, Phantom Fish released an update to Byline, its Google Reader-slash-offline browser app for iPhone and iPod touch. Byline's developer, Milo Bird, has been hard at work since Byline 1.0 was released, making improvements to the app based on...

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TUAW Interview: Filmmaker Dennis Liu

As we recently showcased here at TUAW, filmmaker Dennis Liu's Mac-inspired video for the group The Bird And The Bee combines his love of music, filmmaking and the Mac to create a very entertaining and innovative piece of work. In fact, we liked it so...

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TUAW Interview: Inco, simple sysadmin from your iPhone

The dream of remote system management from your handheld device -- like Dick Tracy's wrist radio, but for geeks -- has long enticed IT professionals. Who wouldn't rather be at the beach or the ballgame instead of chained to a laptop and network...

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TUAW Interview: Andrew Welch on WireTap Studio

After our interview about iToner last week, Ambrosia Software president Andrew Welch sat down with us again to talk about his company's newest product, WireTap Studio, which was released yesterday. WireTap Studio will supercede WireTap Pro allowing...

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TUAW Interview: The Pixelmator Team

As we mentioned last week, one of the most anticipated OS X applications in a long while finally hit the street when Pixelmator shipped version 1.0. We were fortunate enough to get the two brothers behind the application, Saulius (right) and Aidas...

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TUAW Interview: Ambrosia's Andrew Welch on the iPhone update and iToner

As we reported yesterday, Ambrosia Software is working hard to get their iPhone ringtone maker iToner working again after it was broken by the iPhone 1.1.1 update. Last evening the president of Ambrosia Software, Andrew Welch, was kind enough to sit...

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TUAW Interview: Gus Mueller on Acorn

As we mentioned yesterday, Gus Mueller and Flying Meat software just released Acorn, a new, relatively low-cost image editor for the Mac. We've interviewed Gus before with interesting results, so last evening we again (virtually) sat down with Gus to...

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TUAW Interview: Visto corporate email for iPhone

As much love as we may have and hold for the iPhone, there's a substantial chunk of the market that is resistant to the siren call of this miraculous device: those of us with enterprise email accounts (Exchange or Lotus Notes/Domino) that don't want...

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WWDC Video: Unity 2.0 sneak peek

The gang from Over the Edge gave us a sneak peek of two new features in Unity 2.0: a cool terrain tool and real-time dynamic shadows. Check out the video, but also check out their page of all the other features coming soon to Unity. [Note: we'll...

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TUAW at WWDC 2007: Interview with Wolf Rentzsch

Wolf Rentzsch is another Mac developer so devoted to his craft that he comes to WWDC just for the fun of it. Wolf loves code so much, in fact, that he started C4, an "indie conference for indie developers." Scott sat down with Wolf to talk about...

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WWDC Video: TUAW interview with Brent Simmons

Brent Simmons has earned a spot in our docks for years now with NetNewsWire, perhaps the premiere RSS reader on the Mac. But Brent loves developing Mac apps, and he's a big fan of the platform in general. Funny how that works. Mr. Simmons was kind...

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Video: Wii Transfer

Click To Play We've covered Wii Transfer before, and Riverfold has a nice video demo as well, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see the new version in action. Oh, and here's a link to the .mov version....

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Video: Billable, keep track of your hours

Click To Play Mike Zornek, owner of Clickable Bliss shows us Billable, a handy app for tracking freelance gigs or other hourly projects. Billable will do more than tracking though, so watch the video to see a really neat app from...

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Video: Unity, the game dev tool for Macs

Click To Play We've covered Unity before, but video speaks louder than words, so we were happy to have a demo of some incredible features in the latest version. Unity is a game dev tool, only for Macintosh, that allows you to create...

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Video: Monkey Business Labs and Package Tracker 3 sneak peek

Click To Play Monkey Business Labs, makers of the fine TV Tracker and Package Tracker widgets show us what's new in their bag of widget tricks... Like a sneak peek at Package Tracker 3. If you thought version 2 was cool, stick...

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TUAW Video: VMware Fusion

Click To Play Pat Lee was kind enough to join us in TUAW's mobile lab (aka the Marriott) and give us a whirlwind tour of VMware's latest and greatest Fusion offering. While Parallels was first out the door with a virtualization app,...

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