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Delivery Status widget lets you track packages from your Dashboard

Some of us get a lot of packages. Whether you do a lot of shopping via Amazon, have a thing for Zappos shoes, or are just waiting for the goodies you won in a TUAW giveaway to show up, it's often nice to know where those packages are and when th...

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Four widgets for learning

While the app store ecosystem for the iPhone, and now iPad, are filled with a host of useful apps to help students convert, translate and calculate figures and words, there may be times where an iPhone or iPad app just don't fit into your workflow. ...

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Widgets: "iPhone apps, I am your father."

Don't get me wrong, I love the iPhone and its App Store juggernaut, it's just sometimes it seems that people have forgotten all about the iPhone app's father: the Dashboard widget. First introduced in Mac OS X Tiger in 2005, widgets changed the way...

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AccuWeather Widget provides a rich alternative to Apple's Weather widget

When I recently wrote about hacking Apple's Weather Widget, a common question was: "Can you tell me how to change Apple's Weather widget to use again?" Now you might think this is just coming from some people who don't like any form ...

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Weather Widget with time, updated for Snow Leopard

Back in 2005, John Gruber wrote about Hacking Apple's Weather Widget to Show the Time of the Last Update. I was disappointed to learn that my customized Weather widget no longer worked in Snow Leopard, and for some reason John's instructions no long...

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Widget Watch: stay on top with Reminder

Gravity Applications recently updated their Reminder widget, and I'm finding it quite useful. Now that my Dashboard isn't taking eons to load -- thanks to Snow Leopard -- it's really nice to be able to pop it up and with a few clicks set an iCal alar...

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Widget Watch: hiddenfiles

Ever wonder what files your Mac is hiding from you? Maybe not, but once in a while there's a need to peek at the stuff OS X keeps you from viewing. Finder does a nice job of hiding the "guts" of some folders, you see, but there are occasions (trouble...

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Widget watch: Add iCal events using natural language with QuickCal

A new widget has found its way onto my Dashboard: QuickCal. It makes adding iCal events as easy as typing a natural-language string such as "lunch with Aditi at noon tomorrow." The widget parses the text as you type and shows what it finds below th...

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Widget Watch: Get Organized for free

Those wizards of widgets at iSlayer have come up with yet another really useful tool for the Dashboard. Organized is a free widget with an event calendar, world clock, notes, and to-dos, all of which are synced to iCal and Mail. As with other iSlaye...

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Widget Watch: iPhone 3G Day

It was bound to happen, and Matthew Raskin was the first (to my knowledge) to do it. That's right, Matthew whipped up a widget that counts down to iPhone 3G day: July 11th. That's about all this widget does, but I'm sure lots of people are aching to ...

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Widget Watch: Minutes 2.0.1

You may remember us talking about Minutes back when it was first released in April 2007. A lot has changed since then to make Minutes even better than what we first thought. If you're looking for a great dashboard widget timer that is just as Aqua-li...

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Widget Watch: Freshbooks time tracker

We know that several of our readers do the type of work that requires them to track their own billable hours. For those of you using Freshbooks, here's a handy Dashboard widget. The Time Tracker Widget includes a timer (of course) plus menus to choos...

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Widget Watch: Apple Store status widget

In February we covered Pingdom's release of a website badge and monitoring service that tracked the status of the Apple Store. A lot of our readers were resourceful enough to make their own widgets from the banner, but Pingdom has polished up and rel...

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Widget Watch: widget 1.1

If you are addicted to Digg like we are, then the widget from Hasan Alayli might be just right for you. This very simple Dashboard widget allows you to quickly browse the most dugg stories on Digg. On the creator's website, he says that it...

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Widget Watch: Time Machine Launcher 1.2

There are two good ways to control Time Machine; you can control it through the Dock and, as of 10.5.2, via the menu bar. Now you can control Time Machine through Dashboard. Time Machine Launcher is a dashboard widget that allows you to force a Time ...

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Widget Watch: Woot!

This Lifehacker comment thread made me go researching on what I might use for Webclips, but save for the front page of my favorite blog (TUAW, duh), I couldn't think of anything I'd really want to keep on my Dashboard 24/7. I did like the idea of p...

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