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Are you free at 5 PM EDT? Join us for TUAW TV Live

OK, I know that because of the long holiday weekend in the United States, a lot of you are still convinced that today is Tuesday. However, a look at the calendar will show you that it is indeed Wednesday. That's the day of the week when your host...

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It's TUAW TV Live, the show where you call the shots

Many times on Wednesday afternoons, your TUAW TV Live host Steve Sande has a lot of video and demos queued up for your viewing entertainment. If you're watching today, you're going to be directing the discussion. It's Open Mic Day on TUAW TV Live,...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT: it's all about you

Join your host Steve Sande for this afternoon's TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT. Today's show is all about you - we're going to spend an hour talking about your favorite Mac programs and accessories, the iPhone stuff you love the most, and your iPad objects...

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TUAW TV Live: Apps! We have apps by the boatload!

Time flies when you're having fun, and would you believe that today's episode of TUAW TV Live marks the 20th time that this regularly scheduled show has been on the air? That doesn't include the livestreaming that was done on iPad launch day. We have...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT: All App Wednesday

This afternoon, live from the spacious studios of TUAW TV Live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, your host Steve Sande takes you on a video tour of recent iPhone and iPad apps. Do you need a way to search for a lost ant costume? How about capturing...

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It's time for TUAW TV Live

Welcome back to another fun-filled episode of TUAW TV Live. Today, your host Steve Sande will be bouncing all over the Apple map, talking about Macs, iPads, iPhones, and maybe even about the Apple TV. Whatever the topic, the show is a lot of fun and...

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TUAW TV Live today at 5 PM EDT: all Apple, all the time

Today's episode of TUAW TV Live is a bit of a mixed salad: a little bit of Mac, with a dash of iPhone and some sauteed iPad on top. If you're not familiar with the show, it's a fun hour or so of talk with your host Steve Sande (and any guests he...

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TUAW TV Live: the all-Mac episode

As we promised earlier today, TUAW TV Live is all about Macs this week. If you've been weary of all the talk about iPads and iPhones, we hope that today's show will be a splash of refreshing and juicy Macness. We'll be starting at around 5 PM EDT...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT Today: an all-Mac episode

In all of the rush to cover news of the iPad and iPhone, we sometimes forget to look at the products that, until recently, were the bread and butter of Apple's financial existence -- Macs. On today's episode of TUAW TV Live, your host Steve Sande...

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TUAW TV Live: iPad love and some stellar Mac app demos

This appears to be the week for iPad love, since we have tons of video clips to show you (and talk about). Games, development tools, and politicians with iPads are all covered. Your host Steve Sande is joining you today at 5 PM EDT live from his new...

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Live at 5 PM EDT: TUAW TV Live with special guest Chuck Joiner

Starting in just a few minutes, it's TUAW TV Live with your host Steve Sande and special guest Chuck Joiner. As we mentioned in the teaser earlier today, Chuck is the top podcaster in the Apple universe, hosting MacVoices, MacNotables, and The...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT today with special guest Chuck Joiner

Every Wednesday, TUAW provides its readers with the best in state-of-the-art live Internet reporting through TUAW TV Live. Today is no exception, and at 5 PM EDT, scores of the Apple faithful will point their browsers to for another exciting...

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Massively offers bi-weekly roundup of Mac MMOs

Massively, one of Weblogs, Inc.'s newer gaming blogs, recently started a Mac-centric feature devoted to all things MMO. MMOS X is published bi-weekly and tells you all about the latest native Mac MMO's ... none of that virtualized or Bootcamp stuff,...

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Go forth and WebClip, for TUAW is ready

We've mentioned WebClips before. Repeatedly. Just like you all have in the tip emails recently. But fear not, as we've been busy working behind the scenes with our server elves (Scott's term) to get our WebClip icon out in the wild. After a little...

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Where's the WebClip icon?

We've gotten a plethora of tips asking that we make a WebClip icon for iPhone & iPod touch home pages for TUAW. And we hear you. In fact, one sleep-deprived Macworld-covering TUAW blogger created a webclip icon (pre-empting all the tips --...

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StyleDash is the newest member of the Weblogs, Inc family

I can only speak for myself when I say that I am not what you would call 'stylish,' or 'fashionable.' You can find me, more often than not, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, cargo pants, and some New Balance sneakers (Steve and I both like the same kind of...

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