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Melissa Davis


Melissa's Google Profile
twitter TheMacMommy

Melissa Davis is a goofy, geeky, multimedia Mom on a Mac mothering others on Macs and other iThings. TheMacMommy is a personal information technology consultant supporting Apple Mac and iOS users who need a helping hand. She specializes in on-site and remote training, troubleshooting, tips, and tricks. Using and reviewing apps and gadgets is one of many ways she is able to help consumers personalize their experience to create efficient and comfortable workflows that suit their needs.

Melissa has been using and training others how to use the Mac since the 1990s. It is fair to say she's been TheMacMommy for longer than she’s been a mother! She holds a BFA from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and lives in Tucson, Arizona with her geeky husband and two geeky boys. She considers her family and future Made On a Mac.

Melissa Davis's Latest Posts

Gro Book knows no bounds

Educate children about the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle with Gro Book, a US$3.99 universal book app about making responsible choices. Imaginative stories are told, in 24 different ways, by Sophie the Sweater, in this wonderfully illustrated and voiced app. Readers are treated to a choose...


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Nourish knowledge with Gro Garden

Get those green thumbs ready with Gro Garden (US$2.99, universal), an educational app that helps budding explorers discover organic gardening in a creative and competitive way. Did you ever trick your kids into eating their veggies by sneaking the ingredients into some yummy home-baked cookies and...


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Writing Wizard makes writing appear like magic

Practicing letter forms can be quite a chore, but Writing Wizard makes it a magical experience anywhere. At US$2.99 on the App Store, this universal app is a terrific value for your iPhone and/or iPad while children are kept engaged in the task of tracing using various methods of coaching and incent...


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