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Macworld 2008 may be over, but the data remains. If you didn't get to go to Macworld 2008, fear not, we've got a slew of videos, posts and commentary on the announcements and booths. Hopefully it'll be enough to tide you over until 2009.

Interviews with industry notables

Walt Mossberg
Veronica Belmont
Christopher Breen
Merlin Mann
Robert Scoble meta-interview

Booth videos and demos

Webex, cross-platform screen sharing
BusySync from BusyMac
Interview with Rogue Amoeba
Comic Life Magiq from Plasq
Netgear ReadyNAS
Zeiss Cinemizer, 3D goggles for your iPod
El Gato's HD hardware and EyeTV 3
Microsoft Office 2008
Screensteps makes documentation easy
Equinux shows off the TubeStick
JAMF Recon makes asset inventory a snap
Intelliscan Mini for handheld media inventory
The Games section at Macworld
Gridiron Flow for graphic workflows
Crazy iPod game/toy from Sababa Toys: the iNo
Axiotron's Modbook wows the crowd
Parallels Server virtualizes OS X Server
NEAT Receipts is a personal scanner for your stuff
Coda, the one-stop web authoring tool from Panic
Likewise Enterprise brings Macs into Active Directory
Tilestack is like HyperCard redone, reborn
ecamm shows some naughty hacked iPhone apps
iPhone search utility from Polar Bear Farm
Extensis Universal Type Server
MacSpeech releases Dictate
Ambrosia founder Andrew Welch interview

Apple announcements and analysis

Watch the keynote in HD
Why did Chris buy a MacBook Air?
Joystiq compares XBox Live to Apple TV
TUAW gets hands-on with the MacBook Air, compares to MacBook Pro
Dave Caolo rents a movie in iTunes
Can you use the wireless SuperDrive with other Macs?

Photo galleries

132 Pictures from Macworld 2008
MacBook Air
Keynote line pics
The Apple Store the day before the keynote
The show floor whirlwind tour

Other resources

The tag page: Macworld08
Our liveblog from 2008 (this time the page will refresh!)
Apple Q1 2008 liveblog
Hottest party: Cirque du Mac
Macworld's Best of Show awards
Mahalo Daily condenses the keynote into a 60-second lovefest
Do iTunes rentals play on a 5G iPod?
iLounge's Best of Show 2008
Devo at Macworld Blast

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