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Tag: 10.7

Lion bug: Some iMacs locking up after playing video

Over the past few days, quite a few iMac owners have told us they're experiencing systemwide freezes after watching videos. Likewise, Apple's support forums are full of iMac owners experiencing the same issue. Although the bug is difficult to reproduce reliably, it's not confined to any one t...

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OS X Lion introduces new, multilingual, high-quality text-to-speech voices

First announced in March, then found in developer previews, one of the little-heralded new features of OS X Lion is its inclusion of several high-quality text-to-speech voices in 22 different languages. The last major addition to Apple's built-in OS X voices was Alex, a higher-quality voice inc...

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Mac 101: OS X Lion's new window resizing features

In all versions of Mac OS X prior to Lion, re-sizing a window meant either clicking the green "traffic light" button in the upper left corner or clicking and dragging the bottom right corner. Windows switchers in particular have found this a frustrating departure from the behavior in other oper...

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Lion: Join captive networks without a web browser

It's a relatively minor feature on Lion's 250+ list, but certainly a helpful one for frequent travelers or coffee shop denizens: browserless login to captive Wi-Fi networks. If you've ever used one of these institutional wireless offerings, you know how they work: first you connect to the Wi-...

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Lion: Restoring Safari's download list keyboard shortcut

Oh, those poor Mac OS X Lion developers. They work their tails off to get a new version of OS X out to us, and then people immediately find things that they liked better in the old version. Red Sweater Software founder and über-geek Daniel Jalkut found that the loss of a keyboard shortcu...

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OS X Lion's 'Resume' feature lets you pick up where you left off

Resume, one of the new features in OS X Lion, addresses a common complaint among users of desktop OS users. Traditionally, quitting an application in Mac OS X (or any other desktop OS) has meant starting over from square one when you next launch the app. This has also made restarting a Mac particu...

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The perils of bashing an OS you've never used

I've been running OS X Lion for about 24 hours now. I knew what to expect before installing it thanks to months of coverage, but that was no substitute for actually diving through Lion's features firsthand. After a day of getting used to new features like Mission Control, fullscreen apps, Resum...

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Lion: Diving into your Recovery partition

I spent a good deal of the afternoon diving in where no sane person really wants to spend a lot of time -- in my Lion recovery partition. It's not hard to get there, and it's quite a curious place when you do. [For those commenters wondering about the use of photos rather than screenshots to illu...

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Mac 101: How to tell if an older app will run on OS X Lion

If you have a lot of older programs hanging around on your Mac, chances are some of them may not work correctly (or at all) after upgrading to OS X Lion. Most programs put out in the last few years should at least launch in Lion, though it may be some time before they run well. However, there i...

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All our Lion tips in one convenient place

First, make sure you've updated your 10.6 system before installing Lion -- there's a Migration Assistant update. While you wait for the download, here's where to see your progress. If you wanted to do a clean install, Macworld has some info. If you want to make an installer disc, here's info o...

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Lion will ship on USB drives in August

In the hustle and the bustle today, we failed to note a minor detail in Apple's Lion press announcement, but MacRumors picked it up: Users who do not have broadband access at home, work or school can download Lion at Apple retail stores and later this August, Lion will be made available on a...

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Get back your HD info in Lion

Looking for that handy readout at the bottom of every Finder window telling you how many items are in the active folder, and how much free space is on your hard drive? In OS X 10.7 Lion, it's turned off by default (part of the cleaner, scrollbar-free new UI style). Easy enough to restore it, thou...

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Lion: Ten things that bug me

It's not that I hate OS X 10.7 Lion. It's an excellent operating system. It's just that there are a bunch of things that make me throw up my hands and say, "What were you thinking, Apple. Are you trying to make the MobileMe Operating System?" Are there no OCD slave-drivers left at Infinite Loop an...

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Lion's full-screen apps: Some hits, a lot of misses

One new feature of OS X Lion that is sure to win both fans and foes is the ability for apps to go full-screen. Apple teased us with this last year when updates to several of the iLife apps -- iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand -- brought the ability to take over the entire screen of a Mac with a si...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help revert scrolling to normal

Dear Aunt TUAW, I hate Lion's new reverse scrolling feature. I mean I really really really really really really really really really hate it. Fix it for me and I'll buy you prune juice. Your loving niece, Sophie Dear Sophie, Auntie's still new to Lion but Uncle Steve was quick to t...

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