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Tag: 1984

23 years ago we found out why 1984 wouldn't be like 1984

Many people call Apple's 1984 ad (this one is slightly updated), which introduced the Macintosh, as the best ad ever made. It aired 23 years ago today during Super Bowl XVIII. Head on over to Tony Long's piece for Wired to see why this iconic ad almost never saw the light of day. Here's my questi...

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Blast from the Past: Apple Lisa

It's 1984. Meet the Lisa. I'm warning you now, this video is not short. It starts with a nostalgic look back by the expert who more than twenty years earlier introduced the Lisa in a televised interview. He talks about the moment in time, the technology, and his rhinoplasty. You may want to skip ...

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AppleGazette lists top 10 Apple commercials

There's nothing that warms the cockles of a blogger's heart than a good list of things. This time around AppleGazette has compiled a list of the 10 ten Apple commercials of all time. The usual suspects are there, HAL, Ellen Feiss, and Think Different. Oddly enough 1984, possibly the most famous comm...

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Macintosh intro one of the top 10 best presentations ever

We all know that his Steveness is a master showman. His patented Reality Distortion Field often gets people to take out their wallets before he has even uncovered whatever product he is showing off. That is why it should come as no surprise that his 1984 keynote, introducing the Macintosh, made this...

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Found Footage: Steve Jobs 1984 keynote

Being that this is TUAW and we're hounds for this stuff, I'm sure we've come across this footage some time ago, but I came up empty handed while traversing our archives, and even Google found nothing, so here we go: it's a blast from the past boys and girls - excerpts from Steve Jobs' 1984 keynote...

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PodBrix 1984 set

It has been awhile since we have heard from PodBrix, purveyors of Apple-centric LEGO creations, and now we know why. They were hard at work in their secret labs creating the 1984 playset. Immortalizing the immortal 1984 commercial in LEGOs seems a worthy addition to the PodBrix line. As usual this ...

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Found Footage: We Are Apple, a 1984 Musical Montage

This video was ripped from a videotape (which explains the lack of video quality) of the 1984 Apple Shareholders' meeting, where the original Macintosh was unveiled (this is unconfirmed; some are saying it was shown at the Moscone Center during the launch of the Apple IIc). Like a train wreck, I jus...

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