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The Verge suggests the new iPad has 1 GB RAM

Though Apple is forthcoming about processor specs and display resolution, the company often fails to mention the amount of RAM inside its devices. The original iPad shipped with 256 MB of RAM and the iPad 2 with 512 MB. Sources for the Verge claim the new iPad will up the RAM again to a respectabl...

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Rogers allows iPhone tethering in Canada for no extra charge until 2010

While US iPhone users are stuck waiting for AT&T to get their act together, Rogers in Canada has stunned iPhone users by not actively trying to screw users right out of the gate as they did when announcing the data plan pricing for the iPhone last year. After a high-profile backlash, Rogers was ...

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1GB iPod nano for $149

I don't know yet if this is the only reason the Apple Store was down earlier today, but in any case, they've just announced a new 1GB iPod nano for $149 and the iPod shuffle now starts at $69 for the 512MB model and $99 for the 1GB model. I would have preferred a $99 1GB iPod nano and that they jus...

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