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24 Hours of Leopard: Improved DVD player

Feature: The DVD Player is almost all new, with video improvements, an Autozoom feature, and a new interface. How it works: Strangely, this big update has gone relatively unnoticed. But it will be noticed as soon as you put a DVD in-- the app has a whole new fullscreen interface, including a time ...

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24 hours of Leopard: Core Animation

Feature: Core Animation How it works: Core Animation is a new framework in Leopard. This framework makes it easy for developers to harness the graphics power in OS X for their own applications. Using layers, a developer can animate a number of different objects of different types (including video, ...

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24 Hours of Leopard: Hot Spots

Feature: Hot Spots How it works: Man, this is one big feature I've been looking forward to--and I have yet to hear any final confirmation apart from the 300 New Features page that it made the final cut. This new Universal Access ability allows you to monitor a spot on your screen and automate what h...

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24 Hours of Leopard: Ruby on Rails built-in

Feature: The most awesome, easy, groovy, Web 2.0 development platform ever is now built-in to OS X. How it works: Like buttah. Ruby, the language that powers RoR, has actually been built-in to OS X for a while (don't believe me? type "irb" in your terminal right now to access interactive Ruby), but ...

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24 hours of Leopard: Tabbed Terminal

Feature: Terminal 2 How it works: What's black and white and tabbed all over? Leopard's Terminal 2 introduces tabbed sessions so you don't need to keep 500 terminal windows open all at once like I do. Hello, my name is Erica and I'm a terminalholic. Who will use it: Anyone who wants terminal awesom...

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TUAW's 24 hours of Leopard

Leopard goes on sale tomorrow at 6pm and we here at TUAW can't contain ourselves. Starting at 6pm today we'll be posting our favorite new Leopard features every hour on the hour until 6pm tomorrow. Each TUAW blogger will be writing about the features that interest them the most, and how those featu...

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