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UK rural areas get better coverage from older 2G phones

UK regulator Ofcom says that those in rural areas of the United Kingdom are better off sticking with older 2G feature/entry-level phones instead of newer smartphones like Apple's iPhone and Android-powered phones. The reason is that while newer smartphones offer greater features, the older 2G...

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Original iPhone owners can also keep their unlimited data with iPhone 4

Remember the original iPhone and its wicked-fast EDGE connection? Turns out being an early adopter has some value after all. Original iPhone users have been paying $20/month for unlimited 2G data and 200 text messages per month. Since AT&T is no longer offering new unlimited plans, I assumed ...

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The saga of changing from an iPhone 2G... to an iPhone 2G

My wife's iPhone 2G is broken. The power switch always thinks it is being pushed down, which means that the iPhone turns itself off fairly regularly. As you might expect, it's fairly annoying. Because I have a lot of nice, good, and generous friends, many of whom are also gadget folks, I asked on t...

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3G technology: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Cellular technology has been evolving since its invention. With the first cellular telephone networks, developed by Bell Labs and AT&T, cellular technology began to make leaps forward in ease of use, voice quality, and data communication. The miracle of technology we know today as the cellular p...

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