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360iDev: Mike Lee on changing the world with engineering

Former Delicious Monster and Tapulous developer Mike Lee (who now works for the mothership at Apple) took the stage to start off the last day of 360iDev in San Jose. He gave a wildly rambling speech about what it means to be an engineer and why programmers should not only make the best programs the...

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360iDev: The future of Jason Citron's OpenFeint

OpenFeint's VP of Engineering, Jakob Wilkerson, took the stage here at 360iDev in San Jose to talk about something most people might not have expected: Game Center. Ever since Apple's official social gaming network was announced last week, the question's been in the air about what will happen to al...

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360iDev: Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK

There are always a few SDK vendors lurking around any developer convention, and 360iDev is no different. However, unlike a lot of programs that work as a go-between for the iPhone Software Development Kit and some other language ("middleware," in developer-speak), Ansca Mobile isn't worried about t...

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360iDev: Marketing and promotion on the App Store

To start off day 2 of 360iDev here in San Jose, California, Henry Balanon hosted a panel to discuss the marketing and promotion of iPhone and iPad apps. Panelists Brian Chen of Wired, Rana Sobhany (author of "Marketing iPhone Apps" from O'Reilly), Doodle Jump creator Igor Pusenjak, and Playhaven's ...

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360iDev: Saurik on the mobile application market

Jay "Saurik" Freeman took the stage here at 360iDev last night to explain the mobile application marketplace. The entire mobile application marketplace, that is. Most people wrongly perceive the App Store to be a simple user-and-developer relationship, but in reality, it's a much more complicated p...

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360iDev: Interview with keynote speaker David Whatley of Critical Thought Games

David Whatley gave the keynote yesterday at the opening of 360iDev here in San Jose, CA. (a conference for iPhone and iPad developers that is taking place in the first half of this week). He's a developer himself (his company, Critical Thought Games, has released two games (Update: Three -- we forg...

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360iDev: Brent Simmons on NetNewsWire for iPad and iPhone OS 4.0

The iPhone is home to a lot of great new developers, but it's also the new home for a lot of old-school Mac guys as well; Brent Simmons is of the second kind. His NetNewsWire is a classic Mac app that's been remade for the iPhone, and now the iPad, with the clean, quick simplicity that Simmons' w...

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360iDev: The AppStar awards

Appsfire has just announced the winners of their App Star Awards contest at 360iDev here in San Jose -- they had an "uber-jury" go through 30-second pitch videos from 33 different unreleased iPhone and iPad apps, and narrowed down their favorites to six different apps in three categories, Games, Ut...

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360iDev Denver: iLime building the infrastructure for push, in-app purchase

One sign that the iPhone development world is starting to mature is that companies are beginning to build the infrastructure necessary for devs to enable push notification and in-app purchasing. Usually these functions require a developer to make a significant investment in server hardware and labor...

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TUAW Live from the 360iDev Denver iPhone development conference

About a month ago we reported that the 360iDev conference was going to be held in Denver, Colorado. The event is now underway, and since I happen to live in the area, I'm attending the event that's billed as the premiere iPhone developer conference in the world. There are certainly a good number o...

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iPhone developers: 360 | iDev Conference TUAW reader discount

iPhone developers who weren't able to make it to this year's WWDC are in luck -- the 360 | iDev Conference is planned for September 27 - 30, 2009 at the Curtis Hotel in downtown Denver, Colorado. The conference is being organized by 360 | Conferences, the team that presented the highly successful 3...

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