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Tag: 37Signals

Future of third-party apps based on 37signals products remains uncertain

Today, 37signals -- makers of productivity and virtual team software like Basecamp, Highrise and Campfire announced that it was becoming a one-product company. That one product is Basecamp, and the company has now renamed itself "Basecamp" as well. The decision to focus on Basecamp alone means tha...

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37Signals' Chalk, iPad-only collaborative web app

37Signals is well-known as the developer of some powerful collaboration tools for the Web like Campfire and Basecamp. It's obvious that the employees of the company know how to use a chalkboard to sketch out flow charts, scrawl UI mockups, and so on. In fact, the four team rooms in the company's ne...

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37signals buys Ember, kindles an official Campfire iPhone app

Campfire, from 37signals, is a web-based group chat tool that uses secure chat rooms to allow groups to collaborate from wherever they are. A little over a year ago, the developers at Overcommitted came out with an iPhone client for Campfire. That app, Ember, cost $9.99, and was an excellent tool fo...

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Low-tech testing on a high-tech iPad

Here's a little levity on the eve of the iPad launch chaos tomorrow. We're going through release after release today of all of these iPad apps, and after browsing page after page after page in the App Store, it's sometimes easy to forget just how much work went into each one of these things. The Om...

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Satchel is Backpack on the iPhone done right (finally)

Being a productivity nerd who happens to love technology has its benefits. Those of us who are happy to spend a Friday night creating and destroying a list of tasks have absolutely no shortage of quality applications upon which to practice and hone our weirdo craft. For web-based task management th...

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Base Tent offers mobile access to Basecamp

I've been using 37signals' Basecamp to manage projects large and small for almost a year now. It's tremendously useful, and everyone I've shown it to falls in love. While the folks at 37signals have produced some great applications, they've left the extras to 3rd party developers. I've been using O...

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First Look: FrontPocket for iPhone and iPod touch

As a gadget hound and productivity freak, I've tried just about everything over the past 10+ years, both hardware and software. My gadgets have included a Palm IIIe, two Handspring Visors, a Newton 2100, a Newton eMate and a Palm Tungsten E2. They were all nice (some more than others), but each shar...

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Win one of 10 copies of Logbook

Cory took a look at Transmissions' Logbook app last week. Designed for your Logbook on Backpack: The application gives you a simple user interface with which you can update your status and add completed tasks. If you're having a hard time remembering to update your Journal, have Logbook remind you ...

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First Look: Logbook for Mac

If you frequently use 37Signal's Backpack web software, then chances are you don't like having to open a new web browser tab/window each time you wish to update your Journal. Logbook hopes to ease your woes by updating your Backpack Journal directly from your Mac OS X Menu Bar. The application give...

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Outpost to manage your Basecamp projects from iPhone

Around here we all seem to be addicted to GTD applications (especially those that sync with online services). That's why it is only fitting that we would mention a new iPhone application named Outpost. Outpost manages your 37Signals' Basecamp projects on your iPhone. Basecamp, as you might already ...

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Backboard gives Backpack some Macintosh style

Backpack by 37signals is a terrific online organization and collaboration tool (we've written about Backpack many times). Those wanting a desktop application that works with Backpack have used the popular Packrat. This week, Lars Steiger has offered a solution with more Macintosh style, called Backb...

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Campfire goes iPhone

If you're a fan of web-based group chat tool Campfire, you may be pleased to learn that it's now available for the iPhone. Now, when you visit Campfire sites on the iPhone, you'll be directed to an iPhone-optimized version. Due to the way the developers have created the iPhone version, you'll need t...

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Widget Watch: Avalanche - A free Basecamp client for Yahoo! Widgets

Basecamp is a popular and powerful web-based project collaboration and management service from 37signals, makers of other TUAW favorites like Backpack and Highrise. Fortunately, even though Basecamp is web-based, 37signals provides a rich API with which 3rd party developers can make all sorts of ...

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Ta-Da List optimized for iPhone

Last week, Randy Hunt at Citizen Scholar described just how he got his iPhone integrated with Highrise from 37signals. Today, Ta-Da list gets the iPhone treatment. If you're unfamiliar, Ta-Da List is the super simple (and just as useful), free list manager from 37signals. Now, folks who visit with t...

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Pyro 1.6: Campfire client gains search, drag and drop file transfer enhancements and more

It's been over a year since we first mentioned Pyro, the powerful Mac OS X client for 37signals' Campfire web-based chat service for groups and businesses. While I personally didn't pick up a copy back then since I wasn't a Campfire user, I'm not entirely familiar with every change that has come ...

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