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Tag: 37signals

Backpack widget updated

The Backpack Dashboard widget, which many of us here at TUAW have known and loved since we found it, has been updated after a long hiatus to v1.2. Unfortunately, I can't find any documentation describing exactly what is new, though I can say that the 'login error' messages I often used to get when w...

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37signals on Why Mac

37signals is the company that brought the world Ruby on Rails, Basecamp, and a raft of other Web 2.0 goodies. They did it all on Macs, and Apple has posted a video profiling them and their Mac usage. Check it out, and remember that Macs help you innovate. [via Coudal Partners]...

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Widget Watch: Telescope, a Basecamp widget

After blogging the Basecamp widget, TUAW reader Mike Jacobsen wrote in to let us know about a Basecamp widget he recently launched for Dashboard, called Telescope. For now, Telescope appears to be more of a monitoring widget than anything, allowing users to: List current projects View last 25...

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Widget Watch: bpiDash - a second widget for Backpack

Finally, some competition in the Backpack widget department: bpiDash (from the maker of dashLicious) is a Backpack widget that more or less matches the other Backpack widget we've always known about from Chipt. bpiDash, however, has a unique trick up its sleeve: populating a note with text from the ...

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Widget Watch: Basecamp

Basecamp is an award-winning, web-based project management service from the much-loved 37Signals, makers of the equally-loved Backpack. Since Backpack has had its own widget for a while now, it seems that Kennedia Consulting felt it was high time Basecamp received the Dashboard treatment as well. Th...

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Help shape Packrat's development

The author of Packrat, the app that lets you download your Backpack information for offline viewing, is requesting feedback on his blog as to Packrat's development. Specifically, he's working on adding editing features to Packrat, and he's wondering whether users would like to see the app released w...

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Use Campfire? Check out Pyro

Campfire is the web-based chat application by the folks at 37 Signals. It's full of Web 2.0 bells and whistles, and looks like a good means of cross-platform, application independent collaboration. Earlier this week, 37 Signals released the initial beta of Pyro for Campfire users who have Macs. They...

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Widget Watch: Ta-da Lists widget

We TUAW bloggers certainly love Backpack, the super-simple online PIM from 37 Signals, and it's Dashboard widget is pretty slick too. Naturally, I was excited to see a Dashboard widget pop up in endo this morning for Ta-da List, 37 Signals' one-trick-pony todo list manager. The Ta-da Lists Widget a...

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Take Backpack offline with Packrat

Backpack is the online organizational tool by 37 Signals that makes it super easy to keep track of your stuff. You can even have several people collaborate on a given project, all on their own time schedules. It's pretty useful and well executed (I've been using it for a while now). But what if you ...

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