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New iOS app allows anyone to make 3D model from real object

Arqball Spin is a strangely-named iOS app that does something pretty magical: It will create fully spinnable 3D models from real-life objects. The app is available to download right now, so you can go and check it out for free. Engadget played with both the app and a stage (more on that in a se...

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3D may not be a novelty forever

Does Apple have some nifty 3D technology coming your way soon? Maybe. Apple has posted a job listing for an iOS Software engineer with 3D skills. The person Apple is looking for is a "Computer Vision specialist to strengthen its multi-view stereo research group. As a member of this team you sho...

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Daily iPad App: Woodcraft helps you design your next building project

Woodcraft is for the carpenter or woodworker with an eye for 3D. The app is a visualization tool that lets you design your next building project using the basic principles of CAD. It lets you drag out lumber that you need and assemble it into a finished product using only your iPad and your imagin...

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Digital artists imagine Siri's face

If you're like me, you've probably anthropomorphized Siri. I think of her (as a US resident I have a female voice) almost as a person and address her as "Siri" when I make requests. I'm not alone as a recent contest from Shapeways, a 3D printing service and online marketplace, asked its community ...

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Daily iPad App: UpNext 3D delivers free maps

I love maps. I've had printed atlases for years, I have globes all over the house, and I had some of the early mapping applications for the Mac like DeLorme Street Atlas. Sadly, DeLorme abandoned the Mac years ago. Suffice it to say that any new mapping application will get my attention right away....

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Sculpteo brings 3D printing to the iPhone

Sculpteo is a fascinating French company that's working to bring 3D printing to the masses. The company had a booth at CES, and while some of our chat with them had to go through a French/English barrier, they very nicely explained to us how they're doing business and allowing almost anyone to ...

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TerraRay for Mac doubles rendering speed and drops price for 1 week

I've enjoyed using TerraRay for some months. It's in the tradition of terrain creation apps like Bryce, but at a much lower price. I don't think it is quite as photo realistic as some other 3D landscape programs, but it is continuously upgrading features and quality. TerraRay 6 is just out, and...

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Apple acquires 3D mapping company C3 Technologies

Apple has extended its mapping services to a number of mapping companies over the past few years. The company has reportedly been working on building its own solution to maps and navigation on the iPhone, beginning with its acquisition of Placebase in 2009 and continuing with a "crowd-sourced t...

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Daily iPad App: Quaternion Julia Raytracer HD

Of the many things I expected my iPad to do, ray tracing was not one of them. The ability to make realistic looking objects with accurate reflections was originally the domain of high end workstations, but over the years it has migrated down to laptop and desktop class computers. Now the progra...

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Daily iPad App: Solar Walk

Want to tour the Solar System? Solar Walk is a just-updated universal iOS app that allows you to do just that. The new version has support for 3D, so you get some rather stunning renditions of planets and satellites that are more realistic than what's available in a 2D presentation. I reviewed th...

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3D printed toy features the runner from Canabalt

It's no Angry Birds toy, but I like the idea of this Runner figurine. It features the little guy from the popular iPhone game that spawned a genre, Canabalt. Not only does the resemblance to the little pixelated guy shine right through, but the figure is actually 3D printed in color, and then U...

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iPad rigged up with 3D screen in Taiwan

Display Taiwan 2011 is going on in Taiwan this week, and at a booth for a company called CPT, there's a device on display that looks very much like an iPad (though with the actual Apple logos and identifying information covered up) that's been Frankenstein-ed together with what appears to be a ...

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3D scanner app captures models using iPhone camera

Here's a cool addition to the "iOS-devices-can-do-just-about-anything" list: using a US$0.99 app to turn your iPhone 4, iPad 2 or latest-generation iPod touch into a 3D scanner, replacing hundreds of dollars worth of last year's technology. Trimensional was developed by Grant Schindler, a res...

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History 3D brings the Civil War to life

Just in time for the anniversary of the Civil War, History 3D for iPad brings the past to life. If you have a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses (the red and blue kind) handy, it gets even better. There are two dozen pictures to view in black and white and anaglyph 3D. The 3D images were taken using ca...

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iPad 2 gets glasses-free 3D display using front-facing camera for head tracking

Now that the iPad 2 has a front facing-camera and some decent horsepower under the hood, there's a lot of potential for really interesting camera-plus-screen coordination hacks. The clever folks over at the Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research group have managed to combine a feed fro...

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