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Apple avoids group pooling LTE patents

Rather than fight patent lawsuits on an individual basis, 10 mobile phone carriers and electronics manufacturers are forming a patent pool to protect themselves from future litigation surrounding the use of 4G technology. Details on this patent licensing program were reported by the Wall Street...

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EU Digital Commissioner requests better European 4G Rollout

Apple and other device makers keep upping the ante on speed by building support for LTE into their latest devices, but that's of little use to citizens of several countries of the European Union. In many cases, their countries have no 4G networks or operate on frequencies not currently supporte...

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Everything Everywhere, Explained: the UK gets LTE

Following the recent regulatory approval, UK telecoms operator Everything Everywhere today announced its new LTE service under the new EE brand name. The network is currently running in engineer testing mode in four cities (Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and London). With few users to congest the ne...

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AT&T expands LTE, plans more launches

Good news for AT&T customers who are tired of cruising on 3G. The wireless carrier announced on Thursday that it is expanding its 4G LTE footprint to seven new markets now and another 30-40 by the end of the year. It'll bring LTE to outlying cities like Anchorage, Alaska and smaller ones like...

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T-Mobile unlimited 4G data plan might be a boon to unofficial iPhone users

TmoNews broke the news that T-Mobile is rolling out a truly unlimited nationwide 4G data plan, but All Things D's Ina Fried offered an enticing snippet for iPhone users on T-Mobile's network. T-Mobile has more than a million iPhones running on its network at 2G speeds, and along with a rebran...

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Could AT&T's blockage of FaceTime be an FCC violation?

Yesterday, TUAW noted that AT&T is planning on blocking Apple's iOS 6 FaceTime video calling app over cellular service except for those individuals who have signed up for one of the company's new "Mobile Share" plans. A few websites are now wondering aloud if AT&T's plans to proceed in ...

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LTE iPhone could revolutionize UK mobile market

The Verge is reporting that today's a big day in the UK mobile market. The UK regulator of telecommunications, Ofcom, granted approval for carrier Everything Everywhere to roll out 4G LTE service in the UK on its 1800 MHz spectrum before the official 4G auction that is expected next year. Eve...

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FaceTime over cellular from AT&T will only be available to Mobile Share customers

AT&T announced on Friday that it will offer FaceTime over Cellular at no additional cost to customers who are subscribed to a Mobile Share plan, says a report in Engadget. Customers who stay on a grandfathered unlimited plan or a tiered plan will be limited to using FaceTime over a WiFi con...

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FreedomPop to sell 4G case for iPod touch

Start-up MVNO FreedomPop is back again with another wireless sleeve that'll add many of the features of the iPhone to your iPod touch. The $99 accessory slides onto your third- or fourth-generation iPod touch and lets you access the internet using Clearwire's 4G WiMAX network. FreedomPop prov...

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Apple to pay A$2.25 million fine in Australia for iPad 4G name

Apple may have to pay a stiff penalty in Australia over the use of "4G" in the new iPad's model name. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Apple has agreed to pay a A$2.25 million (US$2.2 million) fine to settle a legal battle it has been fighting with the Australian Competition and Consu...

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Verizon Wireless to transition grandfathered customers from unlimited data plans

Speaking at a J.P. Morgan Conference, Verizon Wireless CFO Fran Shammo revealed that the carrier plans to transition its grandfathered customers off their unlimited data plans, says a report in Fierce Wireless. Shammo confirmed that, starting this summer, customers moving from a 3G phone with a...

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Apple changes name of 'iPad WiFi + 4G' to 'iPad WiFi + Cellular' in several countries

As reported by 9to5 Mac, Apple has changed the name of the iPad WiFi + 4G to the less descriptive iPad WiFi + Cellular. The change is the result of criticisms from customers and consumer advocacy groups about the iPad's 4G branding. Groups in the UK, Sweden and Australia complained that the 4...

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FreedomPop iPhone case to offer free 4G connectivity

Earlier this year, FreedomPop said it was working on an iPhone case with an integrated cellular radio that would provide users with free mobile broadband access on Clearwire's 4G WiMAX network. Now, the company is taking pre-orders for this 4G WiMAX sleeve. Each sleeve will cost US$99 and wil...

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T-Mobile targets iPhone, AT&T in new ad

T-Mobile is really shaking up its ad strategy lately. First, their demure young lady in the cute dress became a leather-wearing biker chick (supposedly to show off how fast the company's new network is), and now they're targeting AT&T and the iPhone directly, in the new ad you can see below...

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T-Mobile CEO: network getting ready for iPhone

During a CTIA event and in a press release, T-Mobile outlined the plan for its 4G LTE network, which will be available nationwide by the end of 2013. Buried in the press release is a tidbit of information about T-Mobile's 1900 MHz spectrum that'll interest iPhone owners. T-Mobile confirmed th...

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