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Five social apps to help you make a decision

Anyone who knows me well understands that I hate making decisions. From what to eat to where to go on vacation, I'd rather have little to no choice in the matter. For decision-avoiding people like me, there are a growing number of social decision-making apps that let you turn to your friends or the ...

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Five fact-filled apps for Shark Week

It's Shark Week -- that time of the year when sharks take center stage on the Discovery Channel and beyond. This year's shows have been marred by the Megalodon controversy, but that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy learning about the shark species. Below you will find five shark-related apps to ...

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Five apps for the summer blockbuster movie season

Summer is reaching its peak which means the blockbuster movie season is in full swing. Below is a list of five movie apps, hand-picked by the folks at TUAW, to test your movie trivia and make your movie watching experience more enjoyable. Check out the list below and add your own recommendations in ...

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Five apps to help you identify birds and their beautiful songs

Spring means migration and the return of birds to many parts of North America. It also means warmer weather and sunny days that are perfect for birding. Here is a list of apps to help you get outside and start learning about our feathered friends (all prices are USD). Field Guide for birds [iOS U...

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Earth Day 2013: Five apps that'll help you protect and enjoy our amazing planet

More than 1 billion people today will take part in Earth Day 2013. Governments, businesses, organizations and individuals will take time to celebrate the incredible planet on which we live. Below, you will find five apps to help you get outside and enjoy nature as well as take steps to protect ...

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Five apps to follow college basketball during the NCAA March Madness tournament

March is the month that college basketball takes center stage for sports fans. The NCAA selects its finest Division I teams and they battle it out until one team takes the title. It's an adventure if you can stay glued to your TV, but most of us have other commitments that take us away from the...

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Five apps for business card scanning

Persistent critters, those little analog cardboard rectangles. Even with the option to scan QR Codes, email vCards or bump phones to swap contact information, the venerable business card keeps on trucking -- and keeps on making it challenging to leap from analog to digital information. If your c...

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Thanking the Academy: Five Apps for the 2013 Oscars

If you're eagerly awaiting the 85th Academy Awards airing this Sunday on ABC, you may find one of these five apps useful before and during the show -- and all of them are free. Good luck to the nominees! Oscars The official app for the event. It's pretty much a US-only affair, and isn't perfe...

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5 apps for Super Bowl Sunday

It's Super Bowl weekend, so bring on the football, food and fun. Like most people, you likely will watch the game with snacks in one hand and your iPhone or iPad in the other. You probably already have the official NFL apps on your phone and your Zite football news all setup. So here are five a...

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Five apps to add style, substance and snapshots to your social endeavors

Are your social profiles too numerous to count? Do you get caught up reading other people's status updates for hours? Would you shudder if you couldn't post to Facebook or Twitter? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then you need to check out our five socially oriented apps below...

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Five apps to keep you happy and healthy this year

Struggling to keep those New Year's resolutions to stay fit and eat nutritional foods? Find some new inspiration to stay happy and healthy with one of these five iOS apps below. Juice (iPhone, Free) Juice is a daily energy and activity tracker that lets you enter your daily routine so you can...

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5 Apps: The best camera apps for blind and visually impaired iPhone users

After yesterday's post showing Tommy Edison's video demo of Instagram from a blind user's perspective, we thought it would be helpful to check with an expert and get some suggestions on other camera-centric apps for blind iPhone users. Today's 5 Apps guest post is from Chancey Fleet, an adaptiv...

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Five apps for the last-minute holiday shopper

Holiday shoppers, your time is almost up! There are only a few days left until deliveries cease and the stores shut down for Christmas. Here are five apps to make this last-minute shopping frenzy a little easier on you and your wallet. Clutch (iPhone, Category: Lifestyle, Free) Clutch is your...

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7 apps to help you battle the crowds and save some money on Black Friday

It is Thanksgiving here in the US today, which means tomorrow is Black Friday -- the busiest shopping day of the year. On Black Friday, retailers kick off the holiday shopping season with deep discounts on popular items, and shoppers swarm stores looking for fantastic deals. Below, we have listed...

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Five apps that are wicked fun for Halloween

It's Halloween, which means it is time for scary movies, zombie costumes and bags stuffed full of candy from trick-or-treating. Below, you will find five apps that are perfect for this horror-filled holiday. Dead Trigger (iOS Universal, Free) Dead Trigger is a gory arcade shooter that'll have ...

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