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Wake Up Time alarm is a simple, effective desktop companion as long as its awake

Wake Up Time from Rocky Sand is a desktop alarm clock that'll work like a charm as long as your Mac is awake. The app is a simple alarm clock with a handful of pleasing alarm sounds that range from "wake me up now" to "what a pleasant sound to snooze along with." The app has simple controls with ...

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Ripil encourages you to be kind to each other

Doing a good deed is always a good thing. If you want to share those charitable moments with others and encourage them to do the same -- well guess what? There's an app for that. Ripil is a kindness tracker that allows you to list the good deeds that you do in order to improve your kindness score...

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Percentage Calculator does the math so you don't have to

Percentage Calculator is one of those utility apps that you don't realize you need until you need it. The app is not your typical calculator with a numeric keypad and operators. Instead, it's a forumla tool that lets you calculate interest, percentages, loan payments and more. The app has a strai...

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imojiapp spices up your messages with custom stickers created from your photos

emoji are a wonderful way to communicate without saying a word. If you want to get creative with your stickers and move beyond the default set that ships with iOS, then you should check out imojiapp. imojiapp lets you take any image on your iPhone and turn it into a textable sticker. Imojioapp is...

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Hemingway text editor comes to the Mac with Markdown support

Hemingway started off as a web-based a text editor that offers corrections on your writing as you type. The app focuses on basic grammar, such as adverb use, passive voice, long sentences and more. Hemingway recently transitioned its app to the desktop, offering versions for the Mac and Windows t...

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Countable makes following Congress easy as long as you use Facebook

Countable is a political app that allows you to track important and trending legislation on your iPhone. The app is designed to make government accessible to the average citizen by explaining legislation in understandable terms. There's also a social side to Countable that provides the ability to ...

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ExpanDrive 4, more services and faster sync

I've written about ExpanDrive in the past, but I haven't mentioned it since version 2.0. Version 4 is out now, and it's a major update to this app that allows you to mount remote servers and cloud services as local drives. ExpanDrive has always done an amazing job of mounting a wide array of remo...

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Flavourit for iPhone is a good-looking, digital recipe book

Flavourrit is a new recipe management app for iPhone that lets you quickly and easily create and store recipes as attractive, interactive cards that are searchable by title, ingredients and up to 46 subcategories. The beautiful app makes it easy to see exactly which ingredients are needed and whe...

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Take revenge on infuriating flies with FlyOut for iOS

Flyout for both iPhone and iPad is a free game that's all about killing flies -- many different kinds of very annoying flies. The good news is that you get to kill them with all sorts of wonderful devices. The aim of the game is to kill as many flies as possible, wave by wave, without letting any su...

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Notezilla for iPad syncs sheet music to high-quality audio

Notezilla for iPad is a library of beautifully laid out, classical sheet music which syncs to accompanying, high-quality audio recordings. From Beethoven's Fur Elise to Handel's Messiah, Notezilla comes preloaded with the well-known classical favorites as well as an ever-expanding library of Roman-e...

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Read to your children from afar using the Storybook Reading app

Storybook Reading uses your iPhone or iPad's camera to digitally copy a book and add your own personal narration so your children can listen to you read even when you are not around. It's an easy way to take a moment of reading and preserve it for future use. The app allows a parent to photograph...

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Daily App: Dubble mixes your images with those from random strangers

If you are looking to add some creative fun to your iPhone photography, then you should check out Dubble. It's a collaborative social network for photographers that allows you to create weird and wild mashups by combining your photos with those from strangers. Before you get started, you should k...

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Daily App: ActivBeacon offers to call for help if you have a sports injury

ActivBeacon is an interesting idea for active people who fall down and need assistance. Using the built-in iPhone sensors, the app sends a voice or text message to designated family or friends and gives them your GPS location. The developers ask you to think of it like Onstar for sports. You start ...

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Daily App: Visage Lab is your virtual makeup artist for blemish-free photos

Sometimes photos capture your worst side -- those moments when your skin has a pimple or the ambient lighting makes your teeth appear less than white. To do a quick touch-up without being overly obvious, you should check out Visage Lab, a portrait editor that does a great job at automatically reto...

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Weekend App: Fly brings the fun back to iPhone video editing

Fly is a new video editor with a few interesting features that are guaranteed to renew your interest in capturing video on your iPhone. The app features a gesture-driven interface for editing that makes its easy to create split videos as well as picture-in-picture scenes. The app also has support ...

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