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Daily App: Paperama brings origami to the masses in a clever puzzler game

Paperama takes the craft of origami and makes a game out of it. In each round, the clever puzzler provides you with a square piece of paper and challenges you to fold it to create the outlined shape. Paperama starts off easy with outlines such as a simple triangle, and escalates quickly to more co...

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The Ministry of Silly Walks is now an iOS game, and it's fantastically silly

Do you have a silly walk you'd like to develop with the help of the government? Of course you do! But before you go showing off your right leg's forward aerial half-turn in the hopes of receiving a grant, you should probably spend some time with the most absurd new iPhone app, Monty Python's The M...

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Daily App: Use RoadTrippers to plan your next adventure

Roadtrippers is the companion iOS app to, a trip planning site for those who live in the US and Israel. Unlike most travel sites, Roadtrippers highlights the out-of-the-way destinations with its detailed road guides and daily travel stories. The iOS app has a dual purpose -- it a...

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Daily App: Grub will fill your free time with fruit-stuffed, monster-packed mazes

iOS arcade title Grub from Pixowl takes the "gobble em up" gameplay of Pac-man and mixes it with the challenging movement of Snake. Throw in some cute graphics and snappy music and you have a mostly fun arcade game for your iPhone and iPad. In Grub, you play as a grub worm with an enormous appeti...

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Daily App: Use Pushups Coach to train your upper body using your own body weight

Pushups are among the best bodyweight exercises to build upper body strength. If you prefer the simplicity of the pushup exercise, but need some motivation to do them, then you should consider downloading the Pushups Coach from Maxwell software. When you first launch Pushups Coach, you are prompt...

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Daily App: Refresh will coach you on the people involved in your next meeting

Refresh is the digital equivalent of the rolodex with a whole bunch of extra features that help you know someone before you actually meet them. An advanced contacts manager, Refresh lets you get insights on other people in just a few seconds. Refresh is your social network curator, contacts manag...

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Daily App: Replay quickly creates video slideshows from your treasured photos

Replay is a photography tool that'll take your images and turn them into impressive slideshow videos that you can share. It's meant to be a fast and fun way to create a watchable summaries of your memorable events. Replay pulls in images from your camera roll, allowing you to pick and choose whic...

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Daily App: Subtitles Viewer for iOS

I'm always really pleased to see an app that serves the handicapped, and Subtitles Viewer makes a strong contribution to this category of iOS owner. It's also useful for people struggling with a new language and want to view movies and TV in their native language. This free universal app lets you...

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Daily App: Follow your favorite sports with Reuters Sports Reel

Big news bureaus like Reuters are known for their stunning photographs that capture the most important moments in news and sports history. Just in time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Reuters has introduced a new sports photography and news app, Reuters Sports Reel. Not surprisingly, Reuters Sports ...

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Daily App: Amazon Music with Prime streaming

Amazon, today, introduced a new streaming service, Prime Music, for Amazon Prime customers. As a long-time Prime member, I took the updated Amazon Music app, formerly Cloud Player, for a spin. It is a solid first offering that, for some people, could replace Spotify or Pandora on their phone. The...

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Daily App: Yonder helps you find treasured outdoor experiences

Finding those great "off the beaten" path places is one of the hardest things about outdoors adventure traveling. Yonder hopes to bridge that gap between guide book and park trail maps with an outdoors-focused social network that allows you to share your great outdoor experiences. Yonder has two ...

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Daily App: Slow Shutter for iOS gets the job done

There are several apps available for low-light and light trail photography. Slow Shutter! (on sale for US$0.99) is a fine example, and has been rewritten to make it easier to use and increase performance. The app has replaced complex settings with Auto mode (waterfalls, moving objects), a Light Trai...

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Daily App: Brainbean is great way to exercise both sides of your brain

If you are looking for some brain games for yourself or your children, consider Brainbean from Tanner Christensen. The colorful app offers a variety of creative and cognitive games that provide a stimulating round of mental calisthenics. What strikes you first about Brainbean is it colorful and d...

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Daily App: Juxtaposer provides powerful editing tools to precisely combine images

Juxtaposer is a compositing tool that allows you to the take the best elements of one image and combine it with a second image to create a whole new scene. Pocket Pixels has been steadily updating the app since it launched in 2008 and has turned it into one of the best tools to combine two images ...

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Daily App: Photos+ expands to become a viewer for your animated GIFs, Dropbox images

Image view and management app Photos+ from SecondGear recently changed hands and is now being developed by SilverPine Software. Since its transfer, Photos+ has undergone two revisions that have expanded the utility of the photo viewing app for iOS. The biggest revision is the return of animated g...

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