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Path gets updates, stand-alone message app

After a long hiatus with no updates, several layoffs and a "realigning of the company," Path is back with some big changes. Messaging has broken off into a stand-alone app called Talk, the core app's navigation has been simplified, and newly-acquired messaging service TalkTo will exploit the...

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Parallels Access gets major update, now runs on iPhone (Updated)

Parallels Access, the remote access and control iOS application from Parallels, Inc., today received a major update to version 2.0 that not only added some new features, but added support for the iPhone. The update is available at no cost to current users through the App Store's update process,...

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Skype for iPhone is getting a major update next week

Microsoft has announced that their fully redesigned Skype app for iPhone will launch in about a week, introducing with it a number of exciting new features. Here's what you can expect when the app launches next week. According to the developers, the app is now five times faster than before,...

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Instagram for iOS adds extensive new editing tools

Whether you use it to tirelessly document your meals or make your friends jealous of your vacations, Instagram is probably the go-to app for photo sharing. Thanks to its latest update, your photos will look better than ever, even if you can't stage a decent shot. Previously Instagram featured a...

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Bank of America's updated app creates a wonderful mobile banking experience

As a Bank of America client, using the company's app has been a mixed bag. In the past the interface was clunky, with a limited number of features, but it was nice to be able to deposit checks via the app when I couldn't find an ATM. Still there was plenty of room for improvement, and it appears...

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iTunes 11.2.2 update released featuring podcast bug fix

Apple has just released iTunes 11.2.2, a seemingly minor update that fixes a bug that's been annoying podcast fans. In the previous version of iTunes, some podcast episodes would unexpectedly download after upgrading. Beyond the podcast fix, the update also brings a few new stability...

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Apple pushes out 10.9.3 update to OS X Mavericks

Check the Mac App Store for a minor update to OS X which hit today. It's not a stellar update with tons of new features, but here's what Apple tells us: Improves 4K display support on Mac Pro (Late 2013) and MacBook Pro with 15-inch Retina Display (Late 2013) Adds the ability to sync contacts...

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Alfred 2.3 adds external triggers and more

Alfred for Mac is one of my favorite utilities. So much more than an app launcher, it lets me find and move files, control apps and even set complex workflows into action for a super-effecient work day. Things get better with version 2.3, which is out now. External triggers, case-sensitive hotkeys...

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Daylite 5 adds refinements to the business management app

Marketcircle's Daylite has been around for a number of years, pulling in Best of Show awards at Macworld/iWorld and kudos from happy users. The application, which comes in Mac, iPhone and iPad versions, is a full-featured system for keeping track of your business. Whether it's calendar, email, or...

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iOS 7.1.1 now available, improves Touch ID, fixes keyboard issues

There's an update to iOS available to download now. iOS 7.1.1 became available this morning and as usual, contains "improvements, bug fixes and security updates." A few of the improvements deal with Touch ID fingerprint recognition, according to the Learn More document associated with the update....

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1Password 4.5 for iOS gains features, slims down

Ask any member of the TUAW team what they use to keep track of the swarm of passwords they are confronted with on a typical day, and they're likely to say 1Password. AgileBits today announced a major update to the iOS version of the app, which is available for free to current users. 1Password 4.5...

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IFTTT for iPad brings service/device mashups to your favorite tablet

I have an amazing amount of love and respect for, an online service that provides an easy way to connect apps, devices, and services in ways that make them much more useful. Want to get a phone call from your house telling you that your basement is flooded? Use IFTTT, a moisture sensor...

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Daily App: Rormix brings indie music videos to your iPhone and iPad

Aspiring musicians have several ways to promote their music. One tool new to the scene is Rormix, which focuses not on music but on music videos. The app recently received a major overhaul making it easier to find new artists that match your taste in music. Rormix's biggest change is a new music...

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Pebble updates its iOS app with new apps, sharing options and v2.1 fix

Pebble today rolled out an update that brings its iOS App to version 2.1.1. The most notable feature in the latest version is a bug fix for version 2.1, which was released earlier this week and included a critical flaw that prevented users from managing their Pebble smartwatch from the...

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PSA: Pebble for iOS v.2.1 update contains critical flaw that breaks the app - Update

According to a support forum post, the latest update to the Pebble app for iOS contains a critical issue that prevents the application from working. The company is working on a fix, but, in the meantime, it is asking users to delay installing the version 2.1 update that was released today, Monday,...

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