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AppleCare and AppleCare+ covers much more than you may have thought

Extended warranties get a bad reputation for a good reason, since lots of them are ripoffs. They cost too much money for coverage that's either limited, or just not useful for the amount of time the warranty covers. Still they have their uses. You probably don't need one on your refrigerator, but ...

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PSA: Pebble for iOS v.2.1 update contains critical flaw that breaks the app - Update

According to a support forum post, the latest update to the Pebble app for iOS contains a critical issue that prevents the application from working. The company is working on a fix, but, in the meantime, it is asking users to delay installing the version 2.1 update that was released today, Monday,...

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Apple's iOS 7.1 update a mixed bag for users: Solutions to the most common problems

Apple's recent iOS 7.1 update resolved a number of issues for many users of the company's smartphone and tablet products. However, results of a survey conducted by TUAW show that over a quarter of a sampling of Apple customers who have installed the update feel that their devices are now in "worse...

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Day One launches Publish, adds social networks to the mix (updated)

Tomorrow, the Day One iPhone app (US$4.99) is going to get a big update and today Paul Mayne and the Day One team unveiled a critical part of that update -- Publish. Update: Actually, the Day One update to version 1.13 is already live today, March 11. Note that Publish is still only available for ...

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Apple introduces CarPlay (Updated)

Early Monday morning Apple introduced CarPlay, which offers a new way to integrate iOS 7 and your car (select models). Set to debut in 2014, CarPlay will let users make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music, all from their car's built-in display. Several apps will be supported at ...

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OS X Update 10.9.2 now available, patches SSL/TLS hole [Updated]

OS X 10.9.2 just arrived via the Mac App Store, bringing with it a number of "improvements to the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac." While the update seems to focus on issues that were occurring with FaceTime audio calls, iMessages, Mail, and server/VPN connections, there's no wo...

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LogMeIn removes free option, users aren't happy (Updated)

Updated with statement from LogMeIn (at end) and to clarify that Ignition was the premium iOS app. Free services are fading with every passing day. The latest to go is the remote connection service LogMeIn Ignition, which has offered a free version of its service for the last 10 years. Users coul...

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Breaking: Apple agrees to FTC consent decree on in-app purchases (Updated)

Re/code reported earlier this morning that Apple has signed a consent decree with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This agreement is intended to resolve complaints that the company didn't go far enough in preventing kids from making in-app purchases without understanding that there was real mon...

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Bossjock Studio: A podcasting powerhouse (Updated)

Last month I went on a short vacation, and decided I'd try to record the Daily Update podcast during my time off. My tool of choice at that time was GarageBand on the iPad, since it provides some great editing tools that work pretty well via the touch interface. Well, unfortunately one day into the ...

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TUAW TV Live: A look at CES announcements (Updated)

The Consumer Electronics Show is still in full swing in Las Vegas today, bringing more hype and product announcements in one week than you'd ever think possible. While TUAW doesn't have a presence at this annual event, our siblings at Engadget and TechCrunch have been walking the floors, doing int...

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Zuli Smartplug: iBeacon for the home

The news in the iBeacon world is warming up prior to CES, where we're sure to hear a lot about the Bluetooth Low Energy technology. There's a Kickstarter that ends tomorrow and is just on the verge of reaching funding that wants to bring iBeacon into the home. The product, called the Zuli Smartplu...

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Mac Pro now on sale with December 30 ship date (Updated)

Apple started selling its new Mac Pro today, with ship dates that start on December 30 in the US and January in other countries. There's also a ship-to-store option for Personal Pickup orders, but it looks like those units will arrive at the end of December as well. The base model of the Mac Pro ...

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Camera+ 5 adds 'The Lab' in free update (Updated)

Tap Tap Tap has shipped version 5.0 of Camera+ for iPhone (US$1.99) as a free update to existing users, bringing a new destination -- The Lab -- for making adjustments to your photos and adding fun. The Lab includes: Clarity Pro: an update to the Camera+ Clarity feature that adds both adjustabil...

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iBackFlip TabKeeper 360: The adaptable carrying case for every tablet (Updated)

Two things that keep people from buying protection for their iPads are price and the inability to use the case with a different model of tablet. With iBackFlip's new TabKeeper 360 (US$54.95), both of those barriers to entry have been demolished. Be sure to check out iBackFlip's discount pricing on...

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Twitter for Mac 3.0 is a less pleasant experience (Updated)

Twitter has released a spanking-new version of its Mac client with changes major, minor and annoying. Let's explore! Twitter has re-designed the sidebar icons so that they're more in line with Twitter for iOS. They look nice enough. The DM icon now resembles a speech balloon/envelope, which is kind...

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