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Limefuel Dual Port USB 4.8A Wall Charger: Tiny and powerful

Another day, another great product from Limefuel. Yesterday we took a look at the company's big-capacity Blast L240X Pro external battery pack, and today we're looking at something that's quite a bit smaller, yet still packs a lot of power - the Dual Port USB 4.8A Wall Charger (US$16.99). The ide...

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TUAW video tip: How to "double-wrap" your MacBook power adapter (updated)

It's the Mac tip that's taking the Internet by storm! Just yesterday, Twitter user J Cornelius tweeted out the following: MacBook Pro tip: Use the small cable to hold the big cable in place. pic.twitter.com/i7l6ZJ3xgH - J Cornelius (@jc) December 10, 2013 Tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands o...

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Satechi's Smart Travel Router: A world traveler's best friend

Satechi announced its new Smart Travel Router (US$44.99 special pricing) a few weeks ago and at the time I thought it was a pretty great travel accessory. After giving one the hands-on treatment, I can say without a moment's hesitation one of these should be in the gadget bag of anyone who travels...

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Satechi makes world travel easier with Smart Travel Router and Adapter

As a bona fide world traveler (yeah, I know -- only 50 countries so far), I love to see new products that make life easier for gadget-toting travelers. Now Satechi has come out with a multi-tasker that should find its way into a lot of gizmo bags. The Smart Travel Router and Adapter (US$44.99 intr...

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iPad mini ships with 5-watt power supply

The newest full-sized iPad ships with a 12-watt power supply that makes it possible to charge up the device much faster than with the 10-watt adapter used in previous models. So when the iPad mini was announced, there was a lot of speculation about whether or not the diminutive iPad would include...

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JuiceBuddy is a pocket-sized iPhone charger

With a name like JuiceBuddy, you might expect this product to be the "world's smallest juicer" of late-night TV fame. Instead, JuiceBuddy is a tiny US$24.95 AC adapter that easily fits onto a keychain so you have a way to power your iPhone or iPod touch anywhere there's an outlet. The tiny ch...

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Twelve South PlugBug: Hands-on review

I'm not sure if there's something in the water that's making manufacturers come out with a lot of new power accessories for Apple devices these days, but it seems like a lot of new products like the XtremeMac Slim 10W USB Wall Charger and others are being announced. None of the announcements re...

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XtremeMac InCharge Home USB charger for iOS devices

A couple of weeks ago, we ran a post about the release of the XtremeMac InCharge Home USB charger (US$29.99) for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Now the device is available in the wild, and one was sent to the sprawling TUAW Labs for hands-on testing. Read on for a detailed look at this ultra-por...

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Road Tested: Newer Technology NuPower Charge & Sync +

If there's something that is almost as common as fart apps, it's iPhone external battery packs. TUAW has done reviews and giveaways of a number of these units including the Richard|Solo 1800 and the Mophie Juice Pack Air. One thing that a lot of these boxes have in common is that they all require an...

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iPhone USB adapter recall announced

If you think that your iPhone's ultracompact USB power adapter is the coolest thing around, think again; Apple has announced an exchange program for the teensy wonders, as apparently they have a very infrequent habit of prong-snapping, leading to a risk of fire. Check to see if your adapter has a gr...

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Late Show writer doesn't find humor in smoking G4 adapter

Looks like Justin Stengel of The Late Show with David Letterman picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue... since he was able to detect the acrid odor of his G4 power adapter scorching and sparking its way through the cord insulation. Whoops. The rather laconic response from the Genius Bar ("We...

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