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Microsoft releases new Office 365 APIs and SDK tools for iOS developers

Microsoft has released a new series of tools for developers looking to improve integration between their apps and the company's Office 365 service. For iOS users and developers, the main point of interest will be the new 365 APIs for mail, files, calendar, and contacts. There is currently more t...

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The TUAW Daily Update Podcast for July 7, 2014

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get some the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the player at the top of ...

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Nest Learning Thermostat to get its own API

Nest has announced that it will be releasing an API for its Nest Learning Thermostat. The new API was first announced at the CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colo., and later confirmed in a blog posting on Nest's site: What if Auto-Away could turn off your lights? What if your dryer knew not to run when en...

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Path opens up its API to a baker's dozen of partners

The Path (free, with many in-app purchases for stickers and whatnot) social network has opened the doors to 13 new API partners that will now sport a "Share on Path" button in their apps. Path's integration initially started with Nike, giving users a way to share their runs and fitness levels thro...

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Dropbox API changes spell sync troubles for older 1Password iOS versions

Dropbox announced some time ago that it would be retiring its original sync API, and it is being officially put out to pasture on September 1 to introduce a new, more secure version. This is good news for a lot of users, but people still using apps that were built on that older API will likely fin...

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Flipside controller tries again, thanks to iOS 7

The Flipside iPhone game controller was a Kickstarter project that began last year with an ambitious goal of US$135,000, raising only about $10k of that before getting canceled due to lack of interest. Things have changed since the project was shut down in January, however. Apple has announced iOS...

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New iOS SDK features for developers

Some of the iOS SDK features that were quickly touched on by Craig Federighi today sound fascinating, although we won't get details on some of them until later. Here are some that I found to be the most interesting: New multitasking APIs -- this should enable apps that you use most often to upd...

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Pebble receives $15 mil in funding, releases SDK and Sports API

The company behind the Pebble smartwatch, which not only looks awesome but connects up to your iPhone, has picked up US$15 million in funding from venture capitalists, and has released yet another version of its SDK. The funding is obviously a solid chunk of change, and should help Pebble not on...

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Google Maps SDK lets iOS devs use Google's maps in apps

With the well-hyped release of the new Google Maps app came the quieter announcement that the company is also releasing a Google Maps SDK for iOS. The SDK allows app developers to prefer in-app Google Maps instead of Apple's iOS 6 maps. The SDK will also allow developers to specify in their app...

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Gree closing down OpenFeint on December 14

I believe we've now reached the end of iOS' first generation as a platform -- it's almost every week now that we're hearing about a major startup losing a founder or a big franchise shutting down. This time it's OpenFeint, the social gaming platform started up way back by Jason Citron and Danie...

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One not-so-secret reason Apple built its own Maps for iOS 6

In the uproar over iOS 6's move to Apple's homegrown Maps service, the driving theme is user frustration (not to say outright anger). Even the most ardent apologists have to acknowledge that Maps has serious issues, and the company's critics are having a field day. Some of the challenges may be ...

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Soon apps may integrate Mention Tagging for Facebook

Facebook is adding a new tagging feature to its Open Graph that'll make it easy for Facebook users to tag their friends in any Facebook connected app. Called Mention Tagging, the new feature will scan text that is being typed into an app and look for phrases that mention the name of a user's Face...

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Twitter's API plans cause trouble for iOS devs, but they're sticking with it

Twitter has announced a series of upcoming changes to its API that could cause problems for developers who use it their apps. There are a number of technical and aesthetic updates, but the biggest change is that certain calls to the API will be rate-limited and governed by authentication tokens,...

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Nuance's 'Nina' vocal assistant SDK may voiceprint users for authentication

Nuance has introduced a brand-new voice interface for smartphones that it's calling Nina -- you can see it in action in a video just posted online. Nina is a mobile OS interface that's open to third-party developers, so it's essentially a Siri that any app developer (willing to read through the...

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Instagram update disables "Find Twitter Friends" feature

A new version of Instagram (free) just arrived this morning, along with the news that the photoblogging tool now has 80 million users. But there's something missing in the update. If you've ever used the "Twitter Friends" feature, you'll be dismayed to find that it's no longer available. As you...

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