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Thanking the Academy: Five Apps for the 2013 Oscars

If you're eagerly awaiting the 85th Academy Awards airing this Sunday on ABC, you may find one of these five apps useful before and during the show -- and all of them are free. Good luck to the nominees! Oscars The official app for the event. It's pretty much a US-only affair, and isn't perfe...

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Get your film fix with the official Oscars app

If you were online at all on Thursday it was virtually impossible not to see a headline reporting on the 2013 Academy Award nominations. If you did happen to miss them, you can see all the nominees and get more information than you would ever need about every actor and film with the only offici...

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Apps for the 2011 Academy Awards

With the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences 83rd Annual Academy Awards (or as we like to call them: The Oscars) airing this Sunday on ABC, iOS-using movie fans may want to enhance their viewing experience with a few Apps for their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. So, we've put together a li...

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Live from the Red Carpet: E! Online mobile app relaunched for Oscars

Just in time for the Academy Awards on Sunday, March 7th (when you should be participating in the TUAW Talkcast...), E! Entertainment has relaunched the popular E! Online mobile app. When we say popular, we mean it -- there are apparently over 1.4 million iPhone and Android users who enjoy their ...

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Oscar-nominated short films in iTunes Store

There are two Oscar award categories with films that almost no one ever sees, and those are the live action and animated short films. Unfortunately, these films usually never make it past film festival circuits and don't receive wide distribution, and typically they are welcomed with a big "huh?" wh...

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iPhone ad to appear during today's Oscars ceremony?

Macworld UK has apparently heard it through the grape vine (or apple tree?) that Apple has secured some ad time for the iPhone during tonight's 79th annual Academy Awards ceremony. The proceedings kick off at 8 pm EST on ABC, and the ad was apparently "made for the Oscars," though no more details ...

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Apple showcases 2006 Academy Award nominees

Is it awards season again? I feel like I just put my tux into storage. Ah well, someone has to be the arm candy on the red carpet and this humble blogger is up to the challenge. It looks like Apple wants in on some of the red carpet glory as well (how is that for a segue?). They have set up a speci...

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2005 Oscar Quicktime trailers

If you're anything like me, you didn't get a chance to see every movie that was nominated for an Academy Award. Luckily, Apple has posted trailers for all the nominated movies (there might be one or two that is missing, but it seems darn comprehensive to me). Not only are there links to trailers (Q...

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