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Tag: Accessibility

For some, Apple Pay is an accessibility tool

Apple has long been a champion of making technology more accessible to the differently abled. From iOS support of Bluetooth braile displays to full screen magnification on both iOS and OS X, there are no shortage of examples which demonstrate Apple's ongoing commitment towards ensuring that its ...

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National Federation of the Blind: "Apple has done more for accessibility than any other company to date"

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) recently passed a resolution calling upon Apple to work even more diligently to foster an app development environment where accessibility features are not discarded or diminished when an app is updated. In the wake of this resolution, Reuters took the ne...

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Mac 101: Use zoom to magnify an item on your Mac

OS X ships with a variety of accessibility options designed to help those with sight and hearing loss use a Mac more effectively. In many cases, these features often extend beyond their intended assistive function and are useful to anyone using OS X. One such example is a handy zoom setting allow...

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How to power off or lock the screen of an iPhone with a broken power button

I have an iPhone 4 kicking around that I use with my children so they can contact me when they are away from home. It worked perfectly until recently, when the power button broke. The biggest drawback to a broken power button is that you can no longer turn off the screen to put the phone to sleep ...

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Listen to the 26 languages used in iOS 7s' text-to-speech feature

We recently stumbled across a post from Vocab Ninja which lists out the 32 text-to-speech voices Apple uses in iOS 7. From Arabic to Czech, and from Korean to Turkish, it's interesting to wade through all the different languages and see how iOS reads out "Luke, I am your father" in a variety of diff...

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iPhone app helps blind users see the world around them

Blind iPhone users now have a new tool with which to see the world thanks to the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped and developer StarHub. It's called MySmartEye, and it's a fairly simple concept: Visually impaired users snap photos with the app which are then uploaded to a massive ...

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iOS 7 is making life more difficult for blind Arabic speakers

When it comes to accessibility options, Apple's iPhone has traditionally done a rather good job of being as all-inclusive as possible. For blind Arab iPhone owners, iOS 7 changed that, and now they are begging Apple to change it back. For the visually impaired, the iPhone's (and iPad's) VoiceOver...

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iOS 7 video tip: Making text more readable

One of the biggest complaints I've heard from people who have made the upgrade to iOS 7 is that they can't read Apple's new favorite typeface -- Helvetica Neue Ultra Light. There's a simple way to make almost everything on your iOS device more readable, and that is to use the Accessibility setting...

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Apple's Retina display aids accessibility

Macworld blogger Steven Aquino wrote a fascinating piece today on how Apple's Retina display technology has helped him -- a legally blind individual with extremely low vision -- to be able to enjoy Apple's products as if he had no vision limitations at all. Aquino says that he had used the orig...

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Talkcast tonight, 7pm PT/10pm ET: Accessibility edition!

Sunday is drawing to a close, and that means it's time for discussing the week that was with Kelly and a few of the usual suspects. This week we'll be joined by Dr. Robert Carter, host of the Tech Doctor Podcast, and discussing accessibility. This week brought a few new features released as part o...

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Kindle iOS app adds new features for visually impaired

The Kindle iOS app (free) was updated to version 3.7 today, bringing with it a handful of new features to make life easier for blind and visually impaired customers and to anyone who wants to review a book or read recommendations for similar books. To help the visually impaired navigate their Kindl...

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Parenting tip: How to exit out of Guided Access when it locks up

Guided Access is a handy feature in iOS 6 that lets you lock your child into a single app by disabling the hardware buttons on a device. It prevents your child from going hog wild through your iPhone or iPad when you hand it to them for some play time. Guided Access is great until it locks up and ...

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Securing your iPhone or iPad for your children, Part 2: Setup iOS parental controls to prevent in-app purchases

There has been a string of high-profile cases where children have racked up thousands of dollars in credit card charges through in-app purchases. In these cases and others like them, the iOS devices used by the children have not been properly locked down by the parents. In this three-part series,...

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Transport for London launches prize to design accessible travel app

App developers in the United Kingdom take note: Transport for London has launched a prize for developers who are able to create London public transport apps that cater to users with physical or communication barriers. In a recent blog posting, the TFL recognized that for years, mobile applica...

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Teachers learn about using the iPad with blind students

Bloomberg has posted a video of educators learning to use the iPad with blind students. While iPads are becoming more prevalent in schools, many teachers are not familiar with the device's accessibility features. To address this issue, Ed Summers has designed a course to familiarize teachers ...

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